Tuesday, March 01, 2016

March Prompts 5927-5950

Tuesday, March 1st, 04:40

5926 I should start with something amazing
5927 For a while I may have been a God
5928 A small, disgusting bush
5929 I was mostly myself back then
5930 Something horrible in Kiev, something unbelievable

5931 The same as you do, but backwards, wearing heels
5932 A tent with marble stairs within
5933 Darkness, Snow
5934 A consternation of bishops; weeping
5935 A quiet, invisible harness

5936 He would look even better with a sawn-off under his coat
5937 No, this is really lost
5938 And now, at the edge of sleep
5939 Think of how I was then, still one piece, still real
5940 A place where angels ride fish and policemen sing

5941 Foxgloves, Bluebells
5942 I climb into the barrel, cause, wave to the crowd
5943 Where the bodies are
5944 Once this was so much stronger
5945 You will never believe what I just heard

5946 I am in love with a trapeze artist
5947 Lent
5948 Something was out there, patient
5949 The sort of thing a poet would say
5950 Even her waste bin is camp, bright pink and ringing middle C

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