Friday, January 21, 2022

 Prompts for Friday Late

701 No-one contradicts you now, but tomorrow will prove you wrong
702 From the very first landing
703 It is not "heroic" to beat cancer. What's the alternative?
704 Here, have some sweeties
705 One day we will be taller, stronger. We must remember

706 Listening to MeatLoaf
707 We should build a giant crucifix in the square
708 It is a poor soil.
709 Scars upon scars. Scars within scars
710 Rust and blood

711 I have a little snow in a bag. It will keep until summer
712 Turbanned warriors behind every boulder
713 I have not changed the bed
714 Walking that November through a black, fruitless orchard
715 We endure

716 A dam here, and water power for the city
717 Comb my hair and talk to me softly
718 Nights of snow, of wind, of howling creatures
719 I would not say he is bright
720 The lights sweeping the headland. Little cars going home

722 At the news the lights came on in every farmhouse
723 Be happy that we are so far apart
724 Let's pair off and pretend to like each other
725 The Fucking End.

 Friday Morning Prompts

676 There is something I am forced to ask of you
677 Something is alive out there
678 What was here before has been moved
679 She is Blessed
680 With a kiss, a look, a sword or by another
681 He once killed a bagpipe
682 We were making bread, she a little plump, me salty
683 The stink of fox
684 Now, NOW you tell me he was lying!
685 This ship is going nowhere
686 A slow warm wind almost crawls over us
687 Asking the tougher questions
688 There is a fine place, a golden land, across the water
689 He has made an art of it
690 We visit to see the great Cathedral
691 Burning Bright!
692 You would be amzed by what is dropped in dumpsters
693 We are stuck near Suez
694 Why don't we get the band back together?
695 Killing the thing he loves most
696 Play the birdie song on repeat while writing
698 The differences between bandage and gauze
699 I was nine and she was eight
700 A story ending: He looked at me, shook his head, turned away, and…

Thursday, January 20, 2022

Thursday Morning, January 20th

626 The worst time of the year for such a trip

627 Storms, recalcitrant crews, scurvy

628 I am black, hard, shiny, and totally unforgiving

629 She dowses the candle, unaware

630 See it, chew it, swallow, shit it out later


632 She wore a silver cross, her grandmother's

633 As God gets smaller he becomes a Demon

634 Let us lie here together, our heads in the oven

635 I am in love with the twin who drowned

636 Kneeling to pray

637 From the fourth floor or the eighth, darling?

638 I would rather not be here

639 We are all prettier by candle-light, better perfumed

640 She is aware, faintly, that she is breathing

641 Weeds, dirty as sin, like lunatics grabbing at legs

642 A songbird mute with fear

643 Impervious as a rolling tank

644 Fruit, flowers, golden, swaying grass

645 I would like a little house, one door, no windows

646 Images of Saints

647 This is us, falling, falling. Feel the air!

648 Your Long Covid Clinic Appointment

649 Lovers rushing into the night

650 Say something to make me laugh, something to make me weep

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

 Prompts for Wednesday, Late

601 My daughter on a WaveRunner screaming MORE! MORE! MORE!
602 As we slept the snow rolled in
603 Was there ever an "Ode to a Chicken"?
604 Gravy works.
605 Leaf-Blowers, What the actual fuck?

606 Two Irishmen stole a calendar. They got six months each
607 The quiet thrum of a half-asleep town
609 On reflection, I should not have looked in that mirror
610 Her scent, her invisible footfall

611 The way a fence-post wears a jaunty cap
612 I ate too much liver. Now I feel offal.
613 Bleaney again. He keeps coming up.
614 One day, what if all the news was true?
615 Bring me tea and biscuits at 4:45

616 I watched a ploughman, willing him off his perfect lines
617 PING!
618 While he is present , he is also absent
619 Don't sit there! The paint is dry!
620 It was eleven in the morning and I was hammered

621 She gives me a daffodil, three weeks old
622 Clean, in between, tucked tightly een
623 Her we go. The last one we had left!
624 Does the grass fear the mower?
625 I was stealing from Pirelli. I took a brake.

 Early Prompts

576 A man called Bleaney lived here a while
577 Ingrowing toenails, corns
578 When there were such things as The Night Mail
579 The colour of moonfall
580 Walking a musky street, red-lit windows either side

581 Introduction to Pottery
582 Not quite the morning after, more like the mid-day
584 It's not that often I hit a perfect ball
585 Shit, even under floodlights

586 This is a simple place: people die here
587 Time to call time on time
588 Don't draw the curtain, not an inch
589 It has rained now, non-stop for a week
590 Eyes like Halogen Headlights

591 She is beautiful but her house smells of wet dogs
592 I have been dead one thousand days
593 Living over a Chip Shop, alone again.
594 Drowning off Lampedusa
595 A man with a rubber trumpet

596 That Easter I arrived a bit later than expected
597 I have met many late in their lives
598 To the left, girls, boys to the right. Orange Squash
599 It is time for a rebirth
600 When the blinds slap open on a dirty old train

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

 Tuesday, 18 January

More? Prompts?

526 I doubt any of us will dress for the ball, unless as footmen
527 I will write my history, the main a little better
528 It's too-darn-hot
529 The pen as potato, the computer as?
530 I keep your heart in a draw, in perfumed tissue paper

531 But I was young and easy then
532 Please my little thing, don't grow up
533 Frost and Snow have work to do
534 That's not wind; he's rotting away
535 A clinking bottle rolling on the edge of breaking

536 After Dick whittington, after Cinderella
537 I have hidden an oak tree in my office
538 All I remember now is her ringlets, the cry of "Mammy"
539 Birch trees to every side
540 The too-black pool, some kind of fish in there

541 A woman singing, so lonely, so dark, but still hope
542 A queue of boys with chamber-pots and night-caps
543 Once Upon a Time in Japan
544 I sleep by the numbers
545 When ice lies heavy on weighted trees

546 I would have been a lamplighter, or a wman with a pea-shooter
547 Two girls, dancing barefoot at night on a warm lawn
548 The pain comes as the thaw comes
549 For a second you were a pink lizard then you claimed the earth
550 A Fat Silver Watch

Monday, January 17, 2022

 Prompts for Monday Lunchtime

17 Jan 2022

501 The General felt it necessary to enquire where I was going
502 The Colour of Money
503 Last night, me and the dog were reminscing
504 Right, Children, This is The Lending Library
505 CLOWNS and Prime Ministers

506 Tickets to the Sun (One-Way)
507 To be fair, you always said you would leave me one day
508 Imagine Keir Starmer as the alternative…
509 Absence makes the fine grow larger
510 LIAR!!! LIAR!!!

511 You, me, Water-Fountain
512 Please Lord let me live long enough to see Trump die
513 Zummer times I reckons
514 You may love, have the battered face of an angel far-fallen
515 A windless June night

516 She is late, she is late, she is late
517 A poem about a farmer called Muldoon
518 Men pissing up the wall
519 We used to write messages on our laundry labels
520 The Best Fucking Country on this Earth? Good One!!

521 No, Evan's got a book already
522 A Fuck I will not Give
523 The ladies, as a general sentiment, seem not amused
525 We have a dial-up connection when, really, we need Superfast Optical

Friday, January 14, 2022

 Early Prompts for

Saturday 15th January, 08:00

426 After each break, it's a good idea to leave a little flesh
427 Never Call retreat
428 I like the more simple man. Simple millionaires are the best
429 A fancy T-eaTowel
430 This way is a possibility, or you can go the easy way

431 Climb into the Boeing's wheel-well
432 Tail-Gunner, South Wales, name of Jones
433 The Coming Fury
434 Paper Boys in tiny pieces
435 OK, I finally died, but it was not my intention

436 I'm what you might called "grizzled" (and smell a little)
437 There are bits of me down many sofas
438 Men in tight Lycra just LOOK wrong
439 The lingering smell of smoked mackerel
440 Here in the outback, that's REAL pretty

441 MAGIC!
442 Yet you love my fingerless stumps
443 I would like to live on a cruise ship
444 You ditched me for a brainless, boob-less millionairess?
445 His wife would eat no lean

446 If a shake and fall apart, tell me to pull myself together
447 Since my tragic death (the week after next)
448 Let's all go to sea in a tiny, tiny plastic boat
449 We need to call a meeting. Everybody there!