Friday, January 21, 2022

 Friday Morning Prompts

676 There is something I am forced to ask of you
677 Something is alive out there
678 What was here before has been moved
679 She is Blessed
680 With a kiss, a look, a sword or by another
681 He once killed a bagpipe
682 We were making bread, she a little plump, me salty
683 The stink of fox
684 Now, NOW you tell me he was lying!
685 This ship is going nowhere
686 A slow warm wind almost crawls over us
687 Asking the tougher questions
688 There is a fine place, a golden land, across the water
689 He has made an art of it
690 We visit to see the great Cathedral
691 Burning Bright!
692 You would be amzed by what is dropped in dumpsters
693 We are stuck near Suez
694 Why don't we get the band back together?
695 Killing the thing he loves most
696 Play the birdie song on repeat while writing
698 The differences between bandage and gauze
699 I was nine and she was eight
700 A story ending: He looked at me, shook his head, turned away, and…

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