Friday, January 21, 2022

 Prompts for Friday Late

701 No-one contradicts you now, but tomorrow will prove you wrong
702 From the very first landing
703 It is not "heroic" to beat cancer. What's the alternative?
704 Here, have some sweeties
705 One day we will be taller, stronger. We must remember

706 Listening to MeatLoaf
707 We should build a giant crucifix in the square
708 It is a poor soil.
709 Scars upon scars. Scars within scars
710 Rust and blood

711 I have a little snow in a bag. It will keep until summer
712 Turbanned warriors behind every boulder
713 I have not changed the bed
714 Walking that November through a black, fruitless orchard
715 We endure

716 A dam here, and water power for the city
717 Comb my hair and talk to me softly
718 Nights of snow, of wind, of howling creatures
719 I would not say he is bright
720 The lights sweeping the headland. Little cars going home

722 At the news the lights came on in every farmhouse
723 Be happy that we are so far apart
724 Let's pair off and pretend to like each other
725 The Fucking End.

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