Monday, January 17, 2022

 Prompts for Monday Lunchtime

17 Jan 2022

501 The General felt it necessary to enquire where I was going
502 The Colour of Money
503 Last night, me and the dog were reminscing
504 Right, Children, This is The Lending Library
505 CLOWNS and Prime Ministers

506 Tickets to the Sun (One-Way)
507 To be fair, you always said you would leave me one day
508 Imagine Keir Starmer as the alternative…
509 Absence makes the fine grow larger
510 LIAR!!! LIAR!!!

511 You, me, Water-Fountain
512 Please Lord let me live long enough to see Trump die
513 Zummer times I reckons
514 You may love, have the battered face of an angel far-fallen
515 A windless June night

516 She is late, she is late, she is late
517 A poem about a farmer called Muldoon
518 Men pissing up the wall
519 We used to write messages on our laundry labels
520 The Best Fucking Country on this Earth? Good One!!

521 No, Evan's got a book already
522 A Fuck I will not Give
523 The ladies, as a general sentiment, seem not amused
525 We have a dial-up connection when, really, we need Superfast Optical

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