Friday, October 30, 2015

October Blast 24 2651-2675 

30-Oct 08:12 Friday

2651 The virgins are arriving, led by a brass band
2652 My Last Will and Excrement
2653 The tinkle of abandoned wind-chimes
2654 An ache rising from the bowels
2655 They are captured on dark streets, shaved, bathed, anointed 
2656 This is a summer for Disco Tents
2657 They live a quieter life, apart from the sacrifices
2658 You cannot comprehend the measure of my disgust
2659 Hair slicked with Brylcreem, perfectly parted
2660 The Joy of Tax
2661 Lately, I have been working on a Time Machine
2662 Hoe pressure rises
2663 The dark prehistoric smell of wolf
2664 This is the contract we make
2665 I could fuck a kitchen girl, go riding
2666 When there is just one pit left, will it be a church?
2667 You forget, thinking it could never have been that bad
2668 Polishing Brass
2669 The men are lined up in the rain, each wondering how he came to be there
2670 I sleep with the horses: it is more pleasant there
2671 In the day we light candles and pray. At night we slit throats
2673 When you are old and high on drugs
2674 I was born with the soul of a slave, you an emperor
2675 It is the lightness of you an air of forest morning 

Thursday, October 29, 2015

October Blast 23 2626-2650
29-Oct 00:33 Thursday

2626 There are places nobody goes, villages beneath water
2628 I am folding the table-cloth, barely marked
2629 There is always someone stupid enough to start a song
2630 Mist smelling of cordite, blood

2631 Synopsis of the Great English Novel
2633 We stopped at a fucking dump called Addlesstrop
2634 Arrive Feb, die March
2635 I am lining up my medals, folding my beret

2636 'Tis the light yonder, Sire!
2637 That's the thing about Bournemouth
2638 BLUE
2639 Carcinogens and Chips
2640 A dull, old train, stinking of dust and failed promises

2641 Eeenie-meanie miney fucking mo
2642 I am walking dishonestly and down a crooked path
2643 British, Huh? Have you met The Queen?
2644 Always remember, this might be the last time you ever make love
2645 Fairy Nuff

2646 We are thinking of bombing Hamburg, or Milton Keynes
2647 Absence makes the heart relax
2648 Turning off the torches lest the needy find us
2649 National Kill Your Best Friend Day
2650 Stone, Sand, Water, Sky

Monday, October 26, 2015

October Blast 20 2551-2575 
26-Oct 08:05 Monday

2551 Our bodies pressed together by darkness, heavier and heavier
2552 They are singing hymns outside the banks, managers cowering inside
2553 Lampposts, one of those words that never looks right
2554 We live on all the other days
2555 The Man From Laramie

2556 It was your quarter-birthday so we shared a tiny cake
2557 I woke on a rug
2558 The sea around me, the sky above me, and you
2559 It was not sex, but they would call it sex
2560 St David's. the old tin church, the smell of incense 

2561 There are times when I am sickened by us
2562 The various colours and textures of our faeces
2563 The country of the middle ear.
2564 She followed the track and hoped she would not be met
2565 I have a fear of being re-incarnated as a Republican

2566 In the various parts of life
2567 St Ives
2568 It's early in the morning, but still too late
2569 I would kill myself with a shot-gun, but I don't like loud noises
2570 He hid his books beneath his kilt

2571 I am in love with a goldfish
2572 Marbles, Arlies, Small muddy goals, the world
2573 Colander
2574 I would like to come home unexpectedly and surprise myself at the door
2575 What if there were rainbows every day, then one day not?

Sunday, October 25, 2015

 October Blast 19 2526-2550

 25-Oct 08:05 Sunday

2526 I was leaning over you when you moved
2527 Space Travel for Seniors
2528 Porcupine
2529 They have herded their calves into the centre
2530 You are like old foreign bank-notes, vaguely meaningful once

2531 That's what I was trying to tell you, so to speak
2532 The poor will give upon kidney to the Chinese
2533 Erotica, retina
2534 I need something here, melodic, mellifluous 
2535 The Gods are in the dark this time

2536 This is how we decompose
2537 Why I love tractors
2538 I live in a huge, dull, palace
2539 Penises of various shapes and sizes
2540 The Poets are crying out for famine and disease

2541 Someone has written on the whites of your eyes
2542 Consume! Consume!
2543 I want to sit in a warm kitchen, drinking slowly with a few good friends
2544 It is better to squat when you shit
2545 I am not stubborn. I am a lighthouse.

2546 I love you so much I would lend you a book
2547 Launderette
2548 A nest of mice in her bed
2549 I opened a shiny box and a light came out
2550 What is this life if full of doubt we have no time to hang about?

Monday, October 19, 2015

October Blast 17 2476-2500 
 17-Oct 11:20 Monday

2476 Once on a bus with Denis Potter
2478 I dreamt I was an incredible horseman
2479 That's a Joke, Yes?
2480 In 1953 a gale blew the roof off our house

2481  Barefoot we damned the brook, patient engineers
2482 Frozen Peas
2483 My horse was magnificent and everyone loved him
2484 ENNUI
2485 The sky is lower than it was this morning

2486 Never mind where you are going; you will know when you get there
2487 Fairies
2488 This moon is big, bigger than ever
2489 I do not like this form of dying, there should be more
2490 The shine of fresh water

2491 I would just like to stand up one more time
2492 You lie like a dollar watch bought in Marrakesh
2493 I hated onions, cheese, radishes, my sisters
2494 Your answer is a weak one
2495 I am trying to reinvent my father

2496 All the King's Horses, All the President's Men
2497 As the people became lighter, the wind took them away
2498 Minefield Football
2499 Suddenly it occurs to me, we can dig
2500 I have found a small hole in time. I hide there, sometimes.

Friday, October 16, 2015

October Blast 15 2426-2450
16-Oct 08:11 Friday

2426 We need more ways to waste our time
2427 The Last Love Letter of Ebenezer Smith
2428 Black Beauty
2429 How the fox falls, upon another fox
2430 Blood, simmering gently

2431 I would describe myself thus
2432 My books in many boxes
2433 When your internet is down 4 days
2434 May I go now? There are things I must do
2435 Random acts of unkindness

2436 Cameron Cameron in La-La-Land
2437 The ugly moments between the smiles
2438 Ironing, Ironing, Ironing, and then ironing
2439 NODDY
2440 In truth, I would prefer not to

2441 An Ugly Sunset
2442 The roar of falling snowflakes
2443 The light above the trees
2444 Ice, blue ice, ice forever
2445 Archangel

2446 The lights of the fairground
2447 The dark art of opening jars
2448 Best to continue walking, best not to see
2449 It takes a man

2450 Three daughters, each with child

Monday, October 12, 2015

 October Blast 15 2226-2450

 12-Oct 18:20 Monday

2226 The sea is metal, the sky metal
2228 So that every one of you might understand
2229 Today is show and tell
2230 We will be found dead, burnt up, dry as tissue

2231 There is another way but I will not go there
2233 It is more or less as we expected, but bad for all that
2234 An unstoppable ugliness
2235 How death arises

2236 She thinks of it like a trapeze artists worships the sawdust
2237 I will wear shorts, sandals with socks, a knotted handkerchief upon my head
2238 Turmeric for health reasons
2240 The horses came just as night was falling

2241 Deeper, the ears imploding
2242 Small blind creatures, aperitifs
2243 Miguel who cuts down trees
2244 He crouched, waited, thought about leaping, waited more
2245 Sonnet on fourteen pianos

2246 The smell of almond polish
2247 I have arrived but you bounced past and are gone
2248 Unburden me, lay me in a shallow grave
2249 The Bad Sister
2250 Before the world was as sweet as this

October Blast Prompt Set 14

2401 Never underestimate the power of a turned face
2402 An Obscenity of Professors
2403 He brought his teeth with him in a brown paper bag
2404 Secretaries end to end
2405 It's a kind of murder, out on the verandah

2406 Various poisonous confections
2407 A pause of falling suicides
2408 Sticklebacks
2409 A series of silences is music to the soul

2411 Few will hear, but that's how it has always been
2412 Shut up. Shut up. Shut up.
2413 Does a croc without water still latch on and twist?
2414 Will Shakespeare, Midfield Dynamo
2415 The awkwardness of first love

2416 It is known that certain moons talk
2417 I hear you knocking
2418 The glass and clatter of a steaming kitchen
2420 Back where we were just sixty minutes ago

2421 Two hundred billion billion white plastic bags
2422 I saw three ships come sailing by
2423 Accidentally exposed to a poet
2424 Words ending ack, ick, eck, uck
2425 Contagion

Saturday, October 10, 2015

October Blast 12 2351-2375

10-Oct 09:51 Saturday

2351 Bargees here for the body, prepared to fight
2352 This is a strange church with strange smells
2353 Jacob's Ladder
2354 You should not expect applause except the flutter of hands in your gut
2355 The pig with a house of straw

2356 You must find your key, then sing
2357 Brothels, Parliaments, Churches
2358 Let us not prolong this
2359 There is an unwellness in your soul
2360 I dismiss myself and cast me out

2361 Come Waves Overwhelm me for I cannot die
2362 Command Centre
2363 The contents of the saddest box on Earth
2364 Jennifer, you are rudely late, impossibly early
2365 If I rob you i have made your load lighter

2366 Mesopotamia
2367 I almost came out alive
2368 The Aliens Reported Back: Worthless
2369 The fat grey flanks of the walrus
2370 All for one and I'm the one

2371 Remember, there is good and bad laughter
2372 Long ago, before the world was a wild uncaring place
2373 So many ways to say hung
2374 The glint of steel in the bush
2375 Gong Farmers, Pure Collectors

Friday, October 09, 2015

09 October Prompts

2326 We collect our invisible belongings and exit
2327 Tarzan
2328 This is how things are designed. It is absolute
2329 The smell of coal-tar soap
2330 Chain Bridge, Ferry

2331 Camp Coffee, Garibaldis
2332 Rule Britannia!
2333 Running my finger under the tap
2334 SALT
2335 Out for a Chinese, the bus back

2336 Twigging
2337A stand-up wash in the kitchen
2338 Picking delicious scabs from your knees
2339 Last Night of the Proms
2340 Eggs, Chips Echo'd Bread

2341 Running for trains, always missing
2342 Jockeys in their Triumph Spitfires, dates in town
2343 Tea might help
2344 The Market Place
2345 The difference between a pantry and a larder

2346 Carriage after carriage, heartless
2347 Fireworks, a Diary, Harmonica, and once an opened till
2348 Copper Thomas
2349 Skimming stones, hiding in bushes, vowing eggs
2350 Stores Away!

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

October Blast 09 2276-2300

07-Oct 11:15 Wednesday

2276 Village Stocks, Electric Chairs
2277 Crucifixion, but a long way off
2278 We cannot be sure you are our sort of person
2279 I so detest it when they become educated
2280 Eventually we will eat our shoes, and then our books

2281 Pigs Fucking Pigs and Pigs Watching On
2282 It is all mud and I detest you for it
2283 Suitable Lampposts
2284 Remember when men were black from work but marched and sang?
2285 There is a far-off beauty in bells

2286 Pure gravestones, white as light, leaning crosses
2287 No poor, and now no disabled, no limbless, none struck
2288 Mist
2289 Genuinely, if a pox fell upon them, I would rejoice
2290 Would Communists be Worse, or Fascists?

2291 The soul gone, the heart. Now tax the air.
2292 Next!
2293 You took too much of my life
2294 If we could only find another Botany Nay
2295 We would march into Hell, nevertheless

2296 These are my last few unknown places, shadows of shadows
2297 Watch them, imagine smart grey uniforms and a certain kind of cross
2298 Tsars fell, Empires fade, but the filth and bile remains in festering minds
2299 Surely the poor have uses? Fertiliser, ballast, bad examples?
2300 Jesus, Privatised

Tuesday, October 06, 2015


I think yesterday may have been my polemic day. As well as a terrible poem, I got this from my daily batch of prompts.

I don't usually post a fresh story, but I can't imagine this placing anywhere (The Spectator, maybe?) so here it is.

Please share.



5 Oct 2015


Apparently, there are no poor people. We have it on authority from a particularly ugly immigrant who once ran a market stall, moved up to selling plastic shit computers and fell into importing millions of Chinese electronic boxes for other quite-rich people to access SKY and became a Lord. Thank-you Lord. How are this sweat-shops in Guangzhou, Alan? Not too many poisonings, I hope, suicides below ten a month? All good then.

We the quite-rich-really, we spread the word on our iPhones, jump in our low-slung go-fast striped Sierras, burn rubber on our dissolute ways to the best food banks. Some of us even change out of our pyjamas.

Obviously we squabble a bit over Tesco Everyday Corn Flakes (who the Hell wouldn’t?) and who wouldn’t shove a bit to get the only packet of Thai Chicken Flavour Crisps (hardly out of date.) You can’t stay in to watch your Blu-Ray of Fast & Furious on your 90-inch 4 x HD Panasonic and NOT eat crisps with your Stella.

We the quite-rich-really, we are the soldiers, the old soldiers, the ex-soldiers, the wives of soldiers, the children of soldiers. We are the archers who tramped towards Calais, our breaches undone to let dysenteric shit run out of us as we marched towards our murder. We are the full-fingered who followed a king, slept in fear and won for our country in a muddy field called Agincourt. We were soldiers, and when we have scrounged for a pack of Carling, we dance on the backs of soldiers, our fathers, brothers, uncles.

We-the-quite-rich died of Phossy Jaw, lead poisoning, mill-smashed limbs, gas and rock falls as we hewed your coal, and when we took a break from that we holidayed in The Ardennes, Gallipoli, Balaclava, Isandwhala or over Berlin. Occasionally we succumbed to malaria or snake-bite. Occasionally, somehow we won through, and you pinned badges to our chests. Rorke’s Drift or the skies over Kent.

We are the smoke on lamps, the smoke on ceilings, the smoke that lines our lungs. Our places are old, old, old, worn out, and yes, our children find chemical ways to live and then they are incarcerated. We are worn out, worn down, trampled even as you ignore us (except when we disturb you). We are the peeling labels on old tin cans, the shadows, your inconveniences.

We-the-pretty-well-off-actually, some of us have two pairs of trainers, and a change for when our favourite trackies are in the wash. We, the assistants, the apprentices, the miners, the steel-workers, the trawler men, the front line, we who unfortunately have managed to survive, we, Wellington’s Scum of the Earth, the stout Yeomen of England, now we lounge around in our penthouses, texting each other about the market, vaguely trying to choose between Cannes for the weather or the Alps - the shine of virgin snow.

Naturally, we the-fucking-loaded, we, the buyers of Chateau Lafitte ‘42, we who slum it sometimes with merely a half-decent oaky Chardonnay, obviously the last thing we want is work. Why in shit’s name would we want to work?

Would we want a job to feel human again? Would we want a job so our kids grow a little higher and stand a little taller? Of course we wouldn’t. Fuck me, Alan, of course we wouldn’t. It’s great here on the estates, we’re absolutely rolling in it, and we laugh our devious ways to the bank, to the boozer, to the betting shop. It’s hard to believe how happy are knowing we aren’t poor.

I was five in 1953, Alan, outside Fosters Garage, waiting. The sun was high, everything shone, and The Queen, the actual QUEEN was coming to see me. Imagine that. We were on Cardiff Road, just past Whiteheads Iron & Steel and Godins Steel if you (or HM the Queen) had just come through town. Up Corporation Road there was Lysaghts, too, and British Nylon Spinners and Stewart & Lloyds. One day they would build Llanwern. The docks creaked under the weight of coal going out and pit-props coming in, New Zealand Lamb incoming at 2/6d a leg, frozen in steely holds. Proud men worked then Alan, every man worked; and when her car came: the queen, bright and pretty in her light-blue hat waved at us with a white-gloved hand. We saw her for almost two seconds.

Maybe our leaders were just as bad back then. The poor will always be with us, eh? Except, we weren’t poor then, either. We only worked sixty hours a week, and we had a roof over our heads, didn’t we? Compared to a peasant farmer in the Domesday Book, we were kings, Kings!

We got to Barry Island once a year. We went to the Lido. We walked to save the bus-fare and were skinny. We stumbled towards adulthood, kicked a ball around weekends. Were we loathsome then, from the wrong schools, with the wrong accents, and ‘difficult’? Did you hate us so much when we joined together, all-for-one and one-for-all?

OK, our skin wasn’t fine - fruit would have helped - but the steel snaked from hellish furnaces, the cars rolled from lines, we made your cabinets and televisions, and sailed old fat ships on dangerous seas. We didn’t want to sit at your table, ours was fine, but a few bob extra would have been nice, say enough not to have to cut apples into four, or have to pick potatoes piecework on weekends to pay the rent. Just a little bit more was the point, but then it turned out we had never had it so good.

These are interesting times, but remember once Kings thought Kings were forever. Some of us are tired, some of us are beaten down. But just remember Alan, remember David, when you see your flushed cheeks in the mirror, that once a thousand noble knights, the cream of France thought there was no fight left in the poor.

So to the Alan’s and the David’s and the Boris’s, and Gideon AKA George, to those with puffed red Nazi cheeks and swollen trousers, to those with mothers called Felicity Alexandra followed by barrels, and 17th Lords, remember, when the pig is spent and you have zipped your swollen trousers that corruption carries the seeds of its own end.

We, the various microscopic inhabitants of your Jermyn Street cheeseboard, the tired but not yet dead, we will find a way.

Let me put it this way… You have sat too long for any good you have been doing lately. Depart, I say; and let us have done with you. In the name of God, fuck the fuck off and die.

1,144 Words

Monday, October 05, 2015

October Blast 08 2251-2275 
06-Oct 00:01 Tuesday

2251 Cherry Blossom
2252 A Commonwealth of Thieves
2253 Major Major
2254 A ferret, a flat-cap, an old pair of boots
2255 A Small Lie

2256 The Unwritten History of the Native American
2257 A Pity Youth Does Not Last
2258 Trees, Path, Light
2259 A Substantiation of Inconsequentials
2260 A Coat on a Chair

2261 Grinning, with someone else's teeth
2262 The Stilted Sixties
2263 Beyond Coincidence
2264 John, Paul, George and Sylvia
2265 My Hi-Viz Jacket and Trousers

2266 Air Hostesses and Similar Animals
2268 Seven Pillows of Wisdom
2269 Underneath the King's Horse
2270 A Ring of Steel, and Inside Our Servants

2271 The Former News Editor, Albert Jackson Brown
2272 Work Like a Chinaman
2273 Gravitas
2274 A Confederacy of the Aged
2275 The Men Are Rowing Out

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October Blast 07 2226-2250

05-Oct 08:05 Monday

2226 The smoke on lamps, the smoke on ceilings
2227 Gain is Loss Somewhere
2228 The peeling labels on old tin cans
2229 1953, Fosters Garage: the sun was high, the queen was bright
2230 People kill People. Guns are labour-saving devices

2231 All six of us stumbled through, the poor breeding
2232 We dance on the backs of soldiers
2233 Lido
2234 The town is old, old, worn out, worn down
2235 What was beautiful as the blood spread

2236 In the name of God, fuck the fuck off and die
2237 There is a place called Limousine 
2238 I feel endings lining up, disaster
2239 We all need to be stretched, some by the neck until they are dead
2240 If. If there was a school shooting every day

2241 Loathsome, his fat red nazi cheeks and swollen trousers
2242 It is not about the crime, not about the criminal
2243 We lead fools, their babies as appetisers 
2244 In honour of a distant death
2245 Hepatitis-T, starting in a Manchester Hotel

2246 Bing Bang Bong!
2247 We must not be disturbed, we are above those things
2248 Apothecary
2249 Two years ago, when I was still alive
2250 Ethelred the Fraud

Saturday, October 03, 2015

October Blast 06 2201-2225

04-Oct 00:01 Sunday

2201 Nightmare in Twickenham
2202 The Hills Above Bradford
2203 Suffragettes
2204 Hope moves in circles
2205 The various microscopic inhabitants of a cheeseboard

2206 I am tired but I'm not dead yet
2207 The dark secrets of the scrum
2208 Watermill
2209 I am perfecting flapping
2210 One beautiful minute or  a decade of survival?

2211 In these most interesting times
2212 The English, Vanquished
2213 Icarus Jones
2214 There are no poor people
2215 A field, a day's march from Calais

2216 A Small Poorly-Lighted Place
2217 Jezebel
2218 Writer in Residence for the NRA
2219 Dysentery
2220 The White Hunter's Fist Assistant

2221 English Lady, Purple Dress
2222 A Catastrophe but Forgettable
2223 Letter From America
2224 Professor Blenkinsop's New Machine
2225 Let me put it this way...

Friday, October 02, 2015

 October Blast 04 2151-2175

 02-Oct 23:59 Friday

2151 The Strange Case of Mary Bridget O'Hare
2152 Outclassed
2153 B is for Badger; F is for Fox
2154 The babies are lined up, anointed
2155 "Let us go then, you and I"

2156 How we come back to ourselves
2157 Moondown
2158 GLASS
2159 A Moment in ER
2160 Finally, the edits are removed

2161 TAPS
2162 Drama, of a kind, just not dramatic
2163 Modesto, California
2164 Reading Larkin's Diary
2165 Yes, fucked up. Why are you surprised?

2166 We have arrived. Be happy
2167 Cold Sore
2168 As the clouds part, light
2169 The footsteps of strange men
2170 Coffee and a Croissant

2171 Derek Derek, P.I.
2172 Garbage
2173 Blood in the sink
2174 I am ready; you need to be ready
2175 A set of perfect, artificial, teeth

 October Blast 03 2126-2150

 02-Oct 12:05 Friday

2126 A fistful of dirty coins, the taint of blood
2127 We stay off the streets these days
2128 We wait, we try to stay alive
2129 I've ordered a 21-Gun Salute
2130 My brother, heavy

2131 El Presidente
2132 Granite, polished wood, amazing plastics
2133 Is death better or worse when casually dealt?
2134 Frankincense
2135 Enough salt, enough peer, the right amount of heat

2136 They went there merrily, pockets jingling
2138 His own worst friend
2139 The first time I died it was messy
2140 I would have a fiery daughter, a peaceful son

2141 The mourners dressed as bananas
2142 Feel the weight of night, the closing down of unseen clouds
2143 My lives have been varied, some too long
2144 I attended high masses but did not inhale
2145 My Father's Toolbox

2146 If condoms grew on trees, money in furrows
2147 AK47
2148 Georgie Williams wears a Nazi armband
2149 Time Gentlemen, PLEASE!
2150 One more school, soon to be forgotten

Thursday, October 01, 2015

 October Blast 02 2101-2125

 01-Oct 20:25 Thursday

2101 Ball Games
2102 The Burned Children of Various Middle-Eastern Countries
2103 The Wisdom of Augustus
2105 Letters from the Pope

2106 At the dead end of the valley
2107 Cherokee
2108 Margaret is Marigold now
2109 Apache
2110 Ships Passing

2111 Wait, let it fall as far as here
2112 Her Dirty White Dress
2113 Only a pint or so of gin
2114 Articulate, Enunciate
2115 Landscape

2116 The Working Lives of the very, very poor
2117 A Serenity of Dying Larks
2118 Plasma
2119 Poetry before the poets
2120 Peeling potatoes, the radio on

2121 How exactly did you end up here?
2122 A Thin Red Line
2123 Shark versus Crocodile
2124 I Never Promised You a Rose-Garden
2125 Blackberry
October Blast 01 2076-2100

 01-Oct 01:120 Thursday

2076 Like a body taken up from the flood
2077 Late, very late, too late
2078 Most of the family had gone to Mars for the weekend
2079 Master the art of losing badly
2080 Like a daughter needs a mother needs a daughter

2081 You cut me like a wire divides cheese
2082 Hickory, Dickory & Dock
2083 When your ex-wife keeps calling
2084 Montezuma
2085 Let us talk about great small things

2086 Too tired to rise from my chair
2087 The Smell of Burning Plastic
2088 Think of me as the dead, as the pocked exiles
2089 TOAST
2090 We stood together, fell individually

2091 The car continues, driving by memory
2092 Sitting in the Gods
2093 Serviceman
2094 PLUM
2095 Me, God, and two brown-tops in the snug

2096 Some have passed, some are waiting to pass
2097 On a tram, Cambrian Road
2098 There is not enough time
2099 Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, Strawberry Jam
2100  None of us meant to hurt her