Thursday, October 01, 2015

October Blast 01 2076-2100

 01-Oct 01:120 Thursday

2076 Like a body taken up from the flood
2077 Late, very late, too late
2078 Most of the family had gone to Mars for the weekend
2079 Master the art of losing badly
2080 Like a daughter needs a mother needs a daughter

2081 You cut me like a wire divides cheese
2082 Hickory, Dickory & Dock
2083 When your ex-wife keeps calling
2084 Montezuma
2085 Let us talk about great small things

2086 Too tired to rise from my chair
2087 The Smell of Burning Plastic
2088 Think of me as the dead, as the pocked exiles
2089 TOAST
2090 We stood together, fell individually

2091 The car continues, driving by memory
2092 Sitting in the Gods
2093 Serviceman
2094 PLUM
2095 Me, God, and two brown-tops in the snug

2096 Some have passed, some are waiting to pass
2097 On a tram, Cambrian Road
2098 There is not enough time
2099 Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, Strawberry Jam
2100  None of us meant to hurt her

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