Friday, October 02, 2015

 October Blast 03 2126-2150

 02-Oct 12:05 Friday

2126 A fistful of dirty coins, the taint of blood
2127 We stay off the streets these days
2128 We wait, we try to stay alive
2129 I've ordered a 21-Gun Salute
2130 My brother, heavy

2131 El Presidente
2132 Granite, polished wood, amazing plastics
2133 Is death better or worse when casually dealt?
2134 Frankincense
2135 Enough salt, enough peer, the right amount of heat

2136 They went there merrily, pockets jingling
2138 His own worst friend
2139 The first time I died it was messy
2140 I would have a fiery daughter, a peaceful son

2141 The mourners dressed as bananas
2142 Feel the weight of night, the closing down of unseen clouds
2143 My lives have been varied, some too long
2144 I attended high masses but did not inhale
2145 My Father's Toolbox

2146 If condoms grew on trees, money in furrows
2147 AK47
2148 Georgie Williams wears a Nazi armband
2149 Time Gentlemen, PLEASE!
2150 One more school, soon to be forgotten

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