Monday, September 29, 2008

Upstair Bedrooms

There are two bunk bedrooms upstairs.

I was about to post pictures but blogger won't play.

Watch this space.

More on the Chapel

The chapel's downstairs has three large bedrooms, a bathroom and loo, separate shower-room/toilet, and opposite, two more showers, a loo and a utility-room.

The double bedroom above is the smallest. It's hard to do justice. Even with a 17mm lens I can't get a full shot! The walls are about 2-3 feet thick (and then we had to insulate them to modern standards!) so there are gorgeous mahogany cill that have about the same square-footage as my first flat. (Plenty of scope for planting your books!

Above is the seating area of Bedroom 2, There's enough room for a full-size leather sofa (a sofa-bed) so people can "escape to their room". Only formally sleeping two, this room can sleep four (Mum and Dad can have the kids in there if they want to, or two singles can have a double each...)

And there's a computer, of course.

That's the second double. And very comfy it is too!

Chapel Update

The chapel in Wales moves ever closer to completion. This week sees the finish of the cosmetics, painting skirting boards etc and next week we have the stair banister fitted and then the stair-carpet. One thing holds up completion now, and that's exhaust fans in the bathrooms (don't ask me!)

Currently there are two straightforward double-bedrooms, and three bunkrooms sleeping a total of 13, but additionally there are five sofa beds. We did that because we never know what combination of singles or couples will turn up!

The table seats twelve.

The chapel's situation is great. The village is peaceful and sits close to the foot of Cader Idris but on the coast. There's a fully operational railway line that goes North to fairbourne, Barmouth, Harlech, Portmerion, Portmadoc, Criccieth and Pillwelli.

Travel South for Twyn, Aberdovey, Macynlleth where you change for Aberystwyth and Shrewsbury.

We've built this to live-in long term but while we can't it's a fantastic writers' retreat and I place where whole groups can stop. I've started shifting in hundreds (hundreds!) of Craft and How-to books, short-story collections, many, many lit-mags, biographies and autobiographies of writers, and of course, some good literature.

There is telephone and broadband there, at least four computers, a printer.

What I really hope, though, is to run writing courses there, the BC way. We had great success running course in Berkshire at Kingfisher Barn but that was always a squeeze. Here is perfect.

Nearest Cafe Five Yards.
Nearest Evening Bistro. Five Yards.
Nearest Post Office. Five Yards
Nearest Shop. Twenty Yards.
Nearest Pub. Seventy Yards
Nearest Railway Station. 500 yards

Mountains? Yes!
The Sea? Yes!

Monday Prompts

It is eighteen years to the day

In lamb fields, on dotted slopes

I see a playground, an ant-scatter of children

How do we know we aren't already dead?

Oh I have danced the sky as feathers

The life that I have is all that I have

The Farmer's Bride

There was a steady wind and the sky was pale

The wind was a torrent of darkness among the leaning trees

This is my country!

It must have been too cold for him, his soul gave out

Love's dances, Love's retreats, advances

And I was green and carefree, lying in soft fields

He with footstep heavy, her with sunny hair

When I was thirteen or so. green

But one by one we must move on, through the valley of pain

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

And more!

And More!

More Capel Bethel Pictures

Latest on Capel Bethel

Capel Bethel, Llwyngwril (between Dolgellau and Tywyn) gets ever closer to being finished.

I am looking forward to running weekend and week-long course there and already the place is stocking up with literature!

Here are some pikkies

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sunday Lunchtime Prompts

Without a hero
The sound of wind at night
An awful stillness, heat
She was good at faces
You could shoot anything you wanted, for a price
Strange weather
There's a man in the house
This is the first thing I noticed
So when did it all start?
Gigantic, fantastic women
We could go to Alaska?
It's not that I don't like you
There's a man I know, talks only of Jesus
Sitting on the Dock of the Bay
Two strangers on the bus, Grandma
Afterwards they were black from head to toe
Voices in the dark
On his knees, scrubbing in tiny circles
A wild justice
My mother and father are dead, or in Orlando
On the other hand, not
I am like a sleepy fish

Friday, September 05, 2008

Friday Prompts

A small bird is taken by a hawk
It is a cold evening
An old man sits quietly netting
A child looks from a train
He puts his hand to his face, unbelieving
The air smells of fish
The sea is heavy, swelling
It is too dark
The road that used to go there refuses now
The headscarved women
History is bunk
You have to understand the fish
Only the poor can afford lots of children
Does night change to day?
Stealing milk from the urn, scooping cream
Uncle Jonjo
For some reason, there are too many wheelbarrows
I want a dream kitchen, a kitchen to dream in
I eat fish we caught
We have too many books
No Matter What
Jennifer Eccles' Fat Sister
Call me and I will describe it.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Thursday Prompts

His Mam loves him to bits

Blue Lagoon

At my door is a square of yellow corn

Davies the Doom has burned the chapel down

What city is this?

My father and my mother and my brother and my sister

Let's burn some books

The wink and nudge of secrets in the pub

It starts to feel like Ireland

I'd rather not be American

Piano Man

Last night I dreamt I ate wire

Why do some fat men look strong, some fat?

Resonant Frequency

Stone, Stone, Water, Wind

I see people in old photographs


Suddenly we are lost

If you time it right, you can get there at low tide

A place without certainty

He used to be safety officer on the Titanic

You want ice with that?

What are we waiting for?

A meteor lands tonight, we all must die

May I borrow your country?

I think I'll play monopoly, or charades

How much I love my daughter


The smell of an old railway station

My mother

Waiters on roller-skates, meals on wires overhead

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Wednesday Prompts

I turned on the radio and water came out
Hatches, Matches & Dispatches
Thirteen ways to look at it
Because it dissolves
The electrician is out of contact
Riding the Yellow Trolley Car
You were being silly
He disappeared in the dead of winter
I sit in a dive on 52nd St
Knowing each other too well to talk
Out of the blue I remember. My father playing football
The brooks were frozen, airports closed
An island five miles inland
They are living off their reputation but it cannot last
Catch 18, and it's going to get worse
That's a lovely offer, but
You were right my dear, even when you were mad
The best of times, the shittiest of times
If I grow up, I'm going to be a boy
The room was suddenly rich with soft light
Whacky Posters
Go tell it on the fucking mountain
Building new homes at Buschenwald
Time was away and somewhere else
I have a desert but no camel
The waiter does not come
I asked my son when was he getting married. In the afternoon, he said.
The day needs a plaster, a bandage
I stand for old values. Give the black man a fair crack of the whip
I dream of being loved by a chorus-girl
My guru says
I am old and I have too may layers of paint
There was a camp here