Friday, December 30, 2011

2012-13 Prompts

Of course you can forget. That's easy


From the thousands I remember one


You suffer; you die; there are moments of relief

That means YOU

As the light rises, as the world becomes pink


That night, for a while I was a dog

A small bullet-hole

I locked the door and went to bed


I put a cake on the coffin and waited

Sex, as I call it euphemistically


I climb most mountains one step at a time

Two Paracetamol, heavy on the antibiotics

She has cashed the cheque

You said you never saw me that way, and yet it happened

When the volcano under Basingstoke erupted

I have never learned Greek

No paint, no brushes, but I have a canvas

2012-12 Prompts

Four guys in orange jump-suits

Google "RVJ136"

Stepping on a nail

A story beginning, "I was supposed to be going to Reading"

Not exactly a fancy restaurant


I believe this is called "a baby"

A kind of sandwich

Bubbles and bubbles and bubbles


A decent pair of boots, a piece of bread

Ace of Spades

I don't mind death but I like life better

Wild Thing

Lock the doors and seal the windows


I would like to be a Silverback, but not a Panda

That first bowl

Whatever lifts us starts with the heart

I massage my wife

I dreamt last night of moving computers and swollen walls

It fits the equations

A bit of a shame the way the sky is closing in

Thursday, December 29, 2011

2012-011 Prompts

He leans upon the old gate

They sing the sweetest, dearest songs

It is difficult, and thus it fascinates me

I have met many at the closing of the day

A great bird soaring

Some ancient scribe or poet

The great wings beating, then shuddering, then still

I saw her standing there

One day a child will laugh at this

Rain at one in the morning, utter, disgusting, uncaring

A sunrise comes to mind, a waking day, optimism

Many a muddy pit was once a thoroughfare

She rises, undresses, showers.

And we weep like children weep for milk

Big and dark, and darker than that

We are living, living, living, and naked.

With a wicked Jack of Hearts, the Queen of Spades

That wars might end and we became old soldiers














2012? The Agony and the Agony

My writing in the second half of 2011 just dried up.

Not absolutely, but I didn't do well except for the big novel (now 90,000 words of 150,000).

Part of that, reading old Social Services records, retyping stuff has been long-winded and "heavy" and not "flowing" or exciting. Throw in domestic difficulties and then a decision to study again (wake myself up) and the writing has suffered some.

Still running Boot Camp Keegan, a member asked for a January "Blast" to get us all hitting the 2012 ground running, so I've said yes, and we started at Xmas (a BCK Tradition) so that by January we are already into a decent jog.

I'm finding writing flashes again quite strange, writing longer shorts a distant memory, (my brain has stopped thinking in 2-5K chunks and I've become to good at the condensed piece) and until I've caught up academically, the idea of 1-2K per day on the novel is...

well it just is.

Even with money troubles, domestic troubles, a very uncertain future, and the ravages of age, I really should be managing 1K a day for at least 5 days a week. Otherwise, the simple truth is, I'm not a writer, it just happens I wrote some stuff a while ago.

Watch this space.

What I'm Reading

Karl Popper: The Open Society and its Enemies

It makes a change to read Philosophy/Politics that is actually READABLE

Two Xmas presents to myself

Kasia Boddy The American Short Story Since 1950

Charles Baxter Burning Down the House: Essays on Fiction

and of course, I'm reading various philosophy books

2012-010 Prompts 29 Dec

Inside, it is iron or empty?

I can give you nothing for I have nothing

Stones hitting the moon

The Event

As sad as Jesus

Pretend a while. let us talk of pretty things

Late on a late afternoon

We will not stop trying

Between the heard, the half-heard and the silence

Whatever this is, it is not family

Planet Jumper

A Camel in the garden

We drove back and forth to the hospital

The future is hours no matter how heavy

It brought us nearer, or so I thought

We are having a good time

They have dragged the kitchen sink, dug up the flower-pots, combed carpets.

I remember you like an old soft chair

It starts in a back room of an old grey pub

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2012-008 Prompts

I heard your heartbeat


Love, that bloody armistice


Ever was, ever is and always will be


The sweet music of a small winnable war


The death of a small domestic animal


When I first saw your spaceship


Biscuit, tea-cup, saucer, tea


Not the blood-sucking bat

With the bullet wrapped in paper


I will hire a red bi-plane and write it in the sky

Keep right on to the end of the lane

And the fragrance of your earth

It might interest you, it might not

They feed him on Rosemary, Tarragon, Mint

Let me never be my father

Saturday, December 24, 2011

2012-005 Prompts

What is left to say?

Just a little party, a few friends. We won't even get drunk.

Some tunnel in Switzerland or something.

Seven Years later

Everything that could happen, will happen.

Tsunamis are not that uncommon

You weren't exactly ill but you weren't well

In the distance, a city

It was then a sparrow flew in, well a bird


So I woke up, wired-in, tubed-up to this guy


Send me flowers, like I give a fuck.


Mr & Mrs Buck-Too and their son, James


Either the best sleep ever, or something else

Hemlock and Other Cures

No strange marks, I didn't even see fever, but

In some ways it could be brilliant

Life was not so funny then, or now

See this face? That's a map of where not to go.

This was a story, kind of, the ending is happy, kind-of.

Friday, December 23, 2011

2012-004 Prompts

Walking too far in the dark

Keep Calm and Carry On


The phone was off

Or I was out of range

Philosophy Bites

Knock, knock, knocking on Heaven's Door

In this age of absurdity

Jesus and Woody Allen

I guess I'm Star-Struck

No card from Southampton

Arguably, a Grand-Son Somewhere

Add a little, stir, add a little more

Now the frost is gone, now the birds are back, now

The Moral Animal

In Between

Driving through Wales

How the world looks from out there

Monday, December 19, 2011

2012-003 Prompts

Saying goodbye to someone you love


There is a tide in the affairs of man, and taken at the flood

Mama, I killed a man

The Philosophy of Knees

Four Atheists

It's a long and winding journey, and nothing there when you arrive

A VERY small camera

Lego, Transformers, a couple of DVDs

Farewell, Farewell

The Art of Drinking Hemlock


Diamonds are Forever, but you're not

Not a terrible prospect

Sunday, December 18, 2011

2012-002 Prompts

Prompts 2012-002

Working in the Spring


Good quality markets

Things are really taking off.

Good Luck, Neil. Have a good Christmas.

A comment on the human condition

I have been on this beach before. I smell the old men's fires.


More like, ummm, a doughy-white farmhouse


Long Slow River, Heavy Sun.


Beneath the blanket something warm and beating

Like I always knew.

Cheesy Songs on the Radio.


Why I like Lamb, why I like Mint-Sauce

Wondering about my Mother



Sunday, Cold, a Long Walk with the Boys

No Jumping!

2012-001 Prompts


An interesting thought, a polite exchange

Listening to Match of the Day


When the atheist died

Various Proofs, Not all of them Sound

Buying with 1-Click

It was probably the Red Bull


Thinking, Fast & Slow

The smell of meat on the air, and something sharp

A Little More on What Matters

Why I have to go, and why I may come back

Ianto Smith and the Bucket


Hitch-Hiking Towards Heaven

Performance Data for Non-Functioning Servants


Mr Grimthorpe! Mr Grimthorpe!