Saturday, August 21, 2010

September Blas Warm-UP Saturday Prompts

A Silver Bracelet


All the ships have left, the last plane

And for another twenty-five pounds, a neat leather wallet

And when a lovely woman

Another Toy

Bloody Men!

Career Path

Catch a Falling Star and Put Him in Hello

Come Live With Me and be my fuck-buddy

Drink to Me, Leona

Eating Electricity


Frozen Shoulder

Gather a few roses and that

Had we but world enough, and time

Here, have an onion

I had a goldfish

I Have My Lover's Heart (in the fridge)

I stood once, at a window in a storm

I will choose a child not my colour

I will have a cat named Beatrice

In my attic

Listen, the Curfew Bell

Plain-Clothes detectives are operating in this store


Shall I compare thee to a 0-0 draw in Crewe on a wet Monday?

She leaves the nursery and begins to walk

So I opened the parcel

The harbour is still, the sea is low and swollen

There is a pause in the music

There is no one like Sally

Tomorrow or Not


What I was about to say

When I consider how my life has whistled past

Women in neon passing the window

You waste your time and mine

September Blast Warm-Up Friday Prompts

01 I will not come out until someone apologises

02 And then by drowning

03 Maggot

04 Behind her was confusion

05 Three car crash

06 Wounded Bird, Tree

07 No Sadness, Farewell

08 We only remember their names

09 Red Slippers

10 We ride into battle, our horses do not volunteer

11 A Beautiful, Healthy young woman

12 Green Wallpaper

13 Eggs

14 Rock and Bloody Roll

15 The Arbortionist's Lunch

16 I made a sculpture of my father, without a heart

17 You Have Mail!

18 How many Eggs for Breakfast, Caesar? (Ate Two, Brute)

19 The nature of bad jokes

20 A black cat at midnight, in an unlit coal mine

21 Trooper
22 Count your blessings

23 A story beginning: "I won't lie to you."
24 A story ending: "If I could, I would tell you the truth."

25 Google "P98AK" and follow links until you have an idea for a story