Tuesday, November 30, 2010




Part of Boot Camp is open to all-comers for the month of December 2010
and then, for any 2011 memberships taken up before the end of 2010, we are offering 2-for-1

Normal costs are £66 a month. Buy one, get one free

Pay for a month, get two
Pay for two months, get four
Pay for 3 months get six

Get eight months for the prices of four, 10 months for the price of 5, or pay for 6 months and get the whole of 2011

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Prompts 27 Nov

An evening in Braga

Perfecting the tumble-turn

As expected, the peak age is twenty-seven

178 Literary Allusions

The moving finger writes and having writ moves on


Monday Night Mathematics

A Bottle of Water

The Ugliness of the Razorbill

I am waiting, I have waited, I will wait.

The buzz of an empty office

Tommy has Gone

How child soldiers kill, how badly they die

It is not quite poison

Heroes & Sweethearts

I have in my hand...

What is this life, if full of care, we have no time

Picnic at the British Museum

Iron Man

Or to put it another way, No.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Prompts 13 Nov

The babies, combs, ribbons

We gathered at night, drifting in

A T-Bone steak for a dime

The winter evening settles down

We were living in trees, but we were living

Sometimes there comes, as if of darkness made

We club the children, not for sport, but they breed so, and their skins

Oh 1914!

Why has that gentleman fallen, does he eat the earth?

Horrible Headline 13


A bouquet, there is no question, simmering mussels, and somewhere, sex

I wondered lonely and all that shit

I have trouble with my nerves

Hug a plastic tree

What kind of staircase would Madam like?

There's this way, that way, which way

I am a dot, not like the other dots. Really

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Prompts 10 Nov

I am suspicious of my country; what we are


The contaminated hate each other the most


Her Nembutal Bed

Oh, what a meal I will make of you!


I have left my street

There is no time here; time prefers the shore, the mountains


I am not sure why, but we are stripping doors


Ten, and a bus thunders in, stinking of rubber


Meanwhile, back at the ranch

Even as she kills you, the sea is indifferent


When she is sad, she thinks of old houses

Jennifer Do-Much

And if Disney had discovered religion

Sit down, breathe slowly, talk. Maybe we'll play chess


Underground, the light is bright: what comes?


The sound of a soft, felt, clapper-less bell

How is perhaps?

I would like more boats in my life

before, it was better

I'll go out and come in again

Why women talk of soft things

Soldiers are buying coffee

She would have preferred more "tragic"

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Flash Prompts 9 November

It is 1939 and we are tired

Lies, Damn Lies

Six rechargeable batteries, one not in line


Who sleep and wake, who murder and intrigue

What Innocence? What Guilt? Are they my fingermarks?


The hand that rocked the cradle has kicked the bucket


Well he would say that, wouldn't he?

And rain

Forever is shorter than you think

Two Pens

Perhaps, there is always an alternative, as there is always dying

First you need to know the gradient, then...

Iron Man

Twenty boxes of past its sell-by date coffee

You could use the books

Beautiful boys with bright red guitars

Prize poet lost for words

Above the baking tits of St Tropez

I only met her once, at Cliveden

The guitarist's writer-wife

Pills to brighten up your day

Lord Miles is caught up in something fishy