Saturday, July 29, 2006

Total Breaks 150K

July Blast Totals

I'm away today for a week
but here are the totals so far

154,667 Words

142 Pieces Written
130 Subs
046 Rejects
014 Hits

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Approaching 150,000 Words

For me this has been a disappointing Blast and my personal input terrible. (I blame the weather, I hate working in this heat)

But the gang are doing OK and should pass 150,000 words today

Here are the latest figures (always slightly under)

144,940 Words

136 Pieces
116 Subs
038 Rejects
013 Hits
100 Sets of Prompts

and today's morning prompts are

Old, Fat, Ginger Bastard

One Example of Cowardice

What We Believe

Ginny 4 Harry in the Next Tent


When Your Best Friend Describes Your Coming Break-Up

The Slag Heaps Are Always Blacker in the Next Valley


Taking the Box With You

The Yellow Coffin

Saturday, July 22, 2006

July Blast Story in PRINT!

Don't ever tell me Blasts don't work.

Scottish Print Mag Transmission" has taken one from Boot Camper TomC

Figures now

126,472 words

109 Subs
122 Items
036 Rejections
011 Hits

our 130th Hit of the year

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Blast Latest

July Blast Continues and the 200 stories, 200,000 words target is still reachable (just)

107 Subs
029 Rejects
010 Hits
114 Items Written (100 Flashes)

114,992 Words

Thursday's Early-Morning Prompts

Teddy Bears' Picnic

A False Hope is Better Than None (courtesy of Bridie)

Does a Bear Shit in the Woods?

How Much Wood Would a Wood-Chopper Chop, If a WoodChopper Would Chop Wood?

She Sells Sea-Shells

Hand-in-Hand Around the Bunkers

At Least Eva Loves Me


Beneath the Table-Top

Voulez-Vous Promenade Avec Moi?

Influenza and Other Jollifications

Dying With STYLE

Beetles, Earwigs

The Contradictions of Love and Hope

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Closing in on a Hundred Stories

Now on 87 pieces, hoping to break 100 by the end of the weekend, but the 200 target for the month seems a long way off right now and won't be achieved unless we get a burst of energy from the whole of the group.

It doesn't help that normally I would be on 20-something pieces by now and am on a struggling six.

But that's six more than it would have been without the blast, so we keep trying.

Here are the last two sets of prompts

The Effect of a Particular Rainfall

In a China Shop

Where I Have been, My Troubles Lord

Six Inches of Innocent Flesh

Moon Olympian

Hugh Rynal Toilet Inventor

Over the Cliff, Gently

A Handful of Rose Petals, Not As Many As We Thought

The First Time, No Cliches

More Than One Brown

The Sudden Death of the East Grinstead Writing Group

Hill Street Blues

School Drama, Semi-Professional

Are You Ready For This?

Mixed Nuts, Fruit, Some of it Fresh

Amazing Grace Rap

Romance by Bagpipe


Egg & Spoon Race at the Drug Rehab

Sometimes I Think My Dad Doesn't Like Me

Three Weeks Late

The Last Thing in the World

Notice Board Roulette

Conference at the Water-Cooler

Bucket, Spade, Bucket & Spade

Friday, July 14, 2006


The two latest prizes for BCers takes the 2006 Prize earnings to $4,950.

The July Blast Figures are now

009 Stories
080 Flashes
082 Subs
015 Rejects
010 Hits

and over 80,000 words (but watch this space)

Another BC First Place

"Nightwriter" has just been informed she has a first place in a very decent poetry comp

Will announce here when Comp results formally announced.

That's a first and a second in one day, our 129th hit of the year

13 First Places
07 Second Places
05 Third Places
23 4ths/Finals/HR etc


Another BC Prize

Colin U announces $50 Second Place in a Flash comp, our 128th Hit of the year.

Meanwhile the Blast Continues with six writers screaming ahead, a few more doing well coming out of droughts (but too many, me included) still playing at it

We now (at the half-way point) have more than 80 stories, 80 subs, 14 rejects, 9 hits, and 80,000 words.

Today I set the target for the full blast

200 Stories/Flashes/Poems

200 Subs

200,000 words

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Boot Camp Bubbling

New Members, lot's of activity, subs, hits, flashes galore!

Everyone seems to be doing well except yours truly.

Now 71 Flashes (plus the stories noted yesterday) so we are well on the way to 100 pieces and 100,000 words (and now 73 subs)

This Morning's Prompts

Wheat, the colour of lions, for miles

A Quiet Place, Holcomb

Greece & Rome

Behind With His Assignments


Snowing Down South, Mrs

Three Girls Climbing the Stile

Chicken or Cheese?

Jumping off the Wall

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Latest Blast Stats

008 Stories

057 Flashes

003 Poems

276 Critiques

073 Submissions

009 Rejects

007 Hits

004 Writers Breaking Droughts

68,000 words

Live Blast Success!

No notice, prompts at 22:02 and stories by 23:15, but we got eight stories written, seven submitted to the group, 37 critiques, and here is the interesting bit, an average mark of 99 up 9 on the typical batch of flashes.

There is something about pressure, energy, team-spirit, the buzz that liberates writers!!

Especially pleasing was to see three stories from writers suffering a drought.

Same again tonight, but we will go for 7, 9 and 11 PM


Monday, July 10, 2006

Live Blast at 10PM Tonight

Join us at BC about 21:55 for prompts and a live flash session (75 minutes MAXIMUM) to write your story.

Meanwhile two more BC Hits. Boot Camper Tom has a story going on BBC Radio Rutland and Boot Camper Cally was shortlisted in the Writelink Weekender Challenge. Hit 126 and 127 of the year.

my email (alex.keegan) has now changed and is


Is This Good?

Answer NO.

The July Blast Continues. We have ten particpating seriously

057 Pieces (Stories, Flashes, the odd poem)
069 Submissions
008 Rejects
005 Hits

and a little over 50,000 words.

Good? Bad?

Well, ten writers, ten days, 50,000 words? 500 a day?

500 a day is what we should be writing ROUTINELY. A blast should mean we are doing twice that, three times that.

And what of thos members not active in the blast, what of spectators? What of casual readers of this blog? What are YOU writing?

At writing conferences I often run a survey of actual writing done in the last ten days. The average reported (and it is probably INFLATED) is 147 words per day.

2-3 months ago, after a brilliant first quarter, Boot Camp went into a partial slump. People weren't working, writing new material, subbing. Of course it didn't notice for quite a while as the hits were still coming so people felt good.

But the pain comes 6 weeks later, 8 weeks later, three months later, when the pipes run dry, when all those stories you didn't write, aren't out there...

Look at this, and this is a highly motivated group:


032 Jan
022 Feb
017 Mar
026 Apr
017 May
005 Jun
005 Jul

So we will need this July Blast, a big push in August, a hard-working September, another blst in October, a November blitz and a subs push in December.

It doesn't end. You have to do the work, and then work some more.

And the best bit is, with quanitty comes higher quality.

Prompts on Monday

Lunch With Johnny Depp

What Box Office Means

Zidanne and Madness

Where Did Honour Go? Is it Dead?

Second is Nowhere

Why Does Dingo Sound Dirty?

How Blue the Sea, How Blue

Sad, Middle-Aged, But Has a Blog

Cheese and Heaven

Coyotes Interrupt Us

Omelette, Omelette, Omelette

Granddad, Punks, Mods & Rockers


Sunday, July 09, 2006

More Good News in Competition

Britbird made the shortlist for Pier Pressure and will be published soon, and we've just heard a Boot Camper is one of the top three in a nice comp with good prizes. Result TBA shortly.

That takes us to 46 prizes/places for the year, 125 hits


Saturday, July 08, 2006

Paying the Price

Hits-Wise we are now suffering the quiet patch 3-2 months ago, but activity is back up (for everyone but me!)

We should wite our 50th story of the month today, and get past 50 subs for the month this weekend.

The moral is: Consistent work, writing every day, 7 days a week, month upon month, and getting the stuff out there will double your hits and prizes. Fallow writing periods eventually means slow subbing which leads to a time of no hits.

Too many people live off the work of 2-3-4-5-6 months ago, and, because the hits are coming in now, forget they are not working today for hits today, but for the next six months, and, more crucially, to improve themselves as writers.

Just like fitness training, it takes three times as long to GET fit as it does to lose it.



Dof Eat Dog

Almost 50% od Married People Are Women

How it Coagulates

The Bad Lovers Handbook

The One Per Cent

Smiles On My Van, Can
When They Try
Talk to Silver Escorts and the Sky

From the hill there was a snaking tenement

Jones Eighteen-Months

If I Had a Soul

Bullshit Blog


Friday, July 07, 2006

and even more

42 Stories so far this month...


Well It's a Shower, I guess

Falling Asleep at the Computer

A Wild Justice


£50 Voucher, Hot Summer Night

The Highest Wall in the World

Coral, Everest

Miss, Miss, MISS! Ah, fergerrit...

The Trouble With Little Johnny Smith

An Apple a Day

Thursday, July 06, 2006

and more


Hilary is Giving a Speech

I Need My Toons Or I Lose My Mind

Cold Coffee, and Bitter

Shakespeare's iPod


Flowers on a Shelf

The Brains Behind the Administration

It's a Fine Art

The Race Card

Gang Kid, Dead, Gang Kid, Dead.


Spot a Penny, Pick it Up.

Three Arms, Four Humps, Chocolate


036 Items
133 Crits

July Blast Stats So Far

27,553 words

34 Pieces
53 Subs
05 Rejects
03 Hits


Where Are You, Mr. Johnson?

Non-Required Reading

Tomatoes, Flamingos, Lemmings and Other Interesting Facts

Jack and the Buns

Sewer Warrior

A Small Bone in the Wrist

Puerto Something, Lots of Foreign People

C Ronaldo, I Know What the C Stands For

Recipes For Hamsters

Trying to Remember the Scottish Football Team

Pilates of the Carribean

Jim Gym

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Small Hit, Work Continues

Two Storis and 33 Flashes already in the blast, and we've past 35 submissions (3 Hits)

Latest a little one at Green Muse for Colin, our 123rd of the Year



Tuna & Pasta Salad

Thank-You For Thinking of Me


Early Morning Phone Call

Heart More Than Stone

Drowning, Drowning

Revolutionary Road

Under the Pitons

The Last Two Minutes

Fewminsim Was Started By Stupid damn Women

Monday, July 03, 2006

One More Hit, Prompts

Congrats to Dave Prescott for an acceptance at Word Riot.

The July Blast continues apace with the 24th piece now in and the membership past 20,000 words already

Here are the latest prompts

Google 67 KL8, Follow links

Phone Call, No, It's For You.

GPS Report: You Are Where You Are (More or Less)

How to Handle a Dray

A Tale of Two Cities

The Decline and Fall of the Romany Empire

What's Six Feet High, Stinks, and Sounds Like a Cracked Bell?

Canal, River, Canal

Three Chicks, One Dead Bird

I'll Come Down on Them Like a Grage Door Coming Down on a Bike

The Bells, The Bells

Breathe, Mrs Robinson, Breathe

I Must Be Late

Why Men Don't Have Babies


Sunday, July 02, 2006

Well Done BRIDIE!!

Just thought I'd tell the world my little daughter (12)...

Two years ago took 45 minutes for Race For Life

Last year she managed 40 and seconds

This year she broke 32 minutes and it was frighteningly hot.

Well done Bridie (sponsorship gratefully accepted!!!!

Prompts for the July Blast

She had the kind of face would make a bishop kick in a stained-glass window

The skinny boy in dark blue shorts, the one at the end of the row, was my son.

Anne came in from work, dropped her bag, went over to the fridge, pulled out the wine and found a glass.

He knew her - well he knew OF her - for a while before he fucked her.

"Want to Dance?" the midget said.

Harry Potter Was taking a Shit When...

Over the Sand East of Goole, Rose the Red Sun

Thomas (Archer) From Caerphilly 's Agincourt

The Louses of Parliament

Wayne Loves Christiano

Blessings, Blossoms

Found in the Font

Jack in the Beanstalk 2006

What Wayne Knew

Boot Camp Stats Update

The Membership has been dangerously low for a few months (16) but we have had two returnees and 4 newbies in the last two weeks, so things look good. Ideal Membership is around 40 where 20-25 are active any day. Then BC BUZZES!

121 Total Hits for Year
072 Actual Publications to Date

43 PRIZES: Total Winnings $4,700

12 Firsts
06 Seconds
04 Thirds
21 Finals, HRs etc

Total Winnings $4,700


01 Colin $200 First Place in Slingink's Eurofiction
02 Mike Joint-Winner in 7Q FF9
03 Dave Joint-Winner in 7Q FF9
04 Lexie Wins Adult SS of the Year (£300) in "Killie"
05 Cally Wins Dark Tales ($60)
06 BCer wins 7Q FF10
07 Hazera wins Doorknobs & Bodypaint First Place
08 Alex Wins Pencil Bantry $300
09 Lexie Wins Cotswold Prize $1,000
10 Cally wins Bank Street SS Prize $140
11 Alex wins Lichfield Prize $250
12 ColinU wins Cadenza $400


01 Lexie $150 Second Place in "Dame Throgmorton"
02 TomC gets $100 second in JBWB
03 BCer 2nd in 7Q FF10
04 Cally Joint second in Writers Dock Comp
05 Lexie $300 second place Philip Good Memorial Prize
06 Cally in Woman's Own (Prize Value estimate $250)


01 Lexie in 7Q FF9 Third Place
02 BCer 3rd in 7Q FF10
03 Tom's $25 3rd in Oz
04 Lexie $200 3rd in The New Writer
05 Alex $150 third place Philip Good Memorial Prize


01 Alex Night Train Yates Comp, Last 12 "Floating"
02 Alex Poem in "Out of Love" Anthology
03 Laurie (Nartje) in "Out of Love" Anthology
04 Lexie, State of Being" HR at HISSAC (only winner is announced)
05 Lexie, second story finalist at HISAAC
06 Colin finalist in HISAAC
07 Colin HR in JBWB
08 Cally in Final of Belvedere
09 Lexie in Fish Anthology ($100)
10 Lexie last 140 of 1800, Fish
11 Haz named in Best of the web shortlist
12 Lexie Final of Writers Forum
13 Alex last 3 in Carve "Overseas Writer"
14 TomC HR'd in Bank Street SS Comp
15 TomC 4th in Twisted Tongue
16 Alex at Philip Good Memorial (second story placed 3rd)
17 Lexie at Philip Good Memorial (second story placed 2nd)
18 Cally HR in Lymm Festival $20
19 Colin Finalist, $40, dinner at Frome

00 Laurie recently left but was also HR'd at Bank Street (not counted)

Lexie also recieved $25 & $10 payments

Winnings in Dollars, £ = $2, Euro = $1
for simplicity of calculation

Saturday, July 01, 2006

What a Shit!

Ronaldo is a cheating, lying, sneaky, nasty, evil scumbag.

PS our last hit was out 121st of the year

Here are the latest blast prompts

One Portugese and a Man Killed

Putting the Bad Wine back in the Bottle

Achtung Spitfeur!!

Talking to Convent School Girls

Shaw Jumping

66 not 70 mm

Would You Hit a Man Wearing Glasses?


How Green Was My Underwear

NASA Shuttle Diplomacy

Returning to Report My Death

Tack, Tacks, Tax

Underneath the Carpet Lies

Black Booty

July Blast Heats Up! And a Hit.

Just heard that classy Ezine Eclectica will consider the best 20-30 stories from the July Blast for their October edition.

It's not too late to join up for the month!!

Meanwhile the Boot campers and a guest or two are getting to work.

011 Stories
028 Submissions
002 Rejections
001 Hits

The hit is tom C with a story at Effusion

Note subs, rejects and hits include pre-Blast stories