Saturday, July 15, 2006

Closing in on a Hundred Stories

Now on 87 pieces, hoping to break 100 by the end of the weekend, but the 200 target for the month seems a long way off right now and won't be achieved unless we get a burst of energy from the whole of the group.

It doesn't help that normally I would be on 20-something pieces by now and am on a struggling six.

But that's six more than it would have been without the blast, so we keep trying.

Here are the last two sets of prompts

The Effect of a Particular Rainfall

In a China Shop

Where I Have been, My Troubles Lord

Six Inches of Innocent Flesh

Moon Olympian

Hugh Rynal Toilet Inventor

Over the Cliff, Gently

A Handful of Rose Petals, Not As Many As We Thought

The First Time, No Cliches

More Than One Brown

The Sudden Death of the East Grinstead Writing Group

Hill Street Blues

School Drama, Semi-Professional

Are You Ready For This?

Mixed Nuts, Fruit, Some of it Fresh

Amazing Grace Rap

Romance by Bagpipe


Egg & Spoon Race at the Drug Rehab

Sometimes I Think My Dad Doesn't Like Me

Three Weeks Late

The Last Thing in the World

Notice Board Roulette

Conference at the Water-Cooler

Bucket, Spade, Bucket & Spade

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