Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Yet Another First Prize

Our 117th First Prize, our second first prize in 2007 goes to TomC who wins $150 for first place in The Mary Gornall

We need to add these hits also

17 TomC gets a story in a small print journal, "Kinships" and gets $6
18 Colin Shortlisted at Happenstance
19 Lexie is Highly Reccomended at Cafe Writers
20 Caroline is HR/Runner-Up at Flashquake
21 Alex has a story accepted for print-mag "Wild Strawberries" in the US
22 Colin gets a story into "Heavyglow"
23 A BCer is in the final shortlist for "Phillip Good" (Results TBA)
24 Cally gets a hit with a Children in Need story at "Chick Flicks"
25 Tom's First Prize

So 25 Hits in 58 days, we must be slipping...


Thursday, February 08, 2007


My personal web-site has got hopelessly out of date but I've just updated the page showing Boot Camp First Places

There may well be more than the 116 I'm showing, but that'll have to do for now.

I'll shortly fill in the gaps (titles of winning stories etc)

I don't know the total figures for prizes won (including 2nds/3rds etc)
but Boot Campers have now won well in excess of $60,000



All about Boot Camp - Boot Camp Firsts

I will try (but don't hold your breath) to update figures for BC Second Places


Boot Camper Wins $2,000 Prize

Congratulations to Boot Camper Fleur Chapman who wins
The Guardian/Virgin Trains Prize £1,000 ($2,000)

You can read the story here:,,2006886,00.html

Fleur's Prize takes the BC Hit Total to 16 for the year

001 Tom C - "What You See in the Dark" accepted by Underground Voices
002 Tom C - "If I Were" accepted by Hiss Quarterly
003 AlexK - "The Ghost in the Latrine" accepted by Southern Ocean Review
004 TomC - "A Beach in Kaui" accepted by "Bound Off" Podcast Magazine
005 Caroline - "Through the Looking Glass" accepted by Poetry Monthly
006 Dan - "The Beauty Within Me" accepted by US Print Mag Gold Dust
007 Dan - "The Book According to David" accepted by "The Harrow"
008 Dan - "The Reaper's Grim Smile" taken by Flash Flood Magazine
009 RVJ - "Soul Surfing" at LitBits
010 Dan - Burglar Story at Opium
011 Lee - "Nothing Left taken by Sussurus
012 Tom C - "Empty" at Parameter
013 Cally -Highly Recommended at JBWB
014 Caroline - Chose as Poetry Judge for Writelink
015 Cally - Story accepted by Meridian Hotels
016 Fleur - wins Guardian/Virgin Trains Prize ($2,000)

Individual Totals

004 Dan
004 Tom
002 Alex
002 Caroline
002 Cally
001 Fleur
001 Lee

and actual publications...


001 Alex - The Internet Writing Journal - "The Long & the Short Of It"
002 Cedric - Eclectica - "Killing Bulls"
003 MJH - Eclectica - "Geoff Says Farewell"
004 Kenneth Shand - Eclectica - "Ramirez"
005 Cedric - Eclectica - "The Year of the Card Player"
006 MJH - Eclectica - "The Undressing of Ursula"
007 Caroline - Poetry Monthly "Snowdrops" paper
008 Alex - Poetry Monthly "On Greenham III" Paper
009 Alex - Southern Ocean Review "The Ghost in the Latrine" Paper/Web
010 Tom - article at Johnny America
011 Lexie - lead story in Earlyworks paper anthology
012 Chrissie - "Mummy Says" in QWF (Print Journal)
013 Jason Jackson in Scottish Print Mag "Raw"
014 TomC in American Drivel (Paper Mag)
015 Caroline in February Poetry Monthly (Print)
016 Cally published by Espresso Fiction ($30)

Individual Totals


001-002-003 Alex
000-002-002 Caroline
001-001-002 Tom
002-000-002 MJH
002-000-002 Cedric
001-000-001 Kenneth
000-001-001 Lexie
000-001-001 Chrissie
000-001-001 Colin
001-000-001 Cally
007-008-016 TOTAL