Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Yet Another First Prize

Our 117th First Prize, our second first prize in 2007 goes to TomC who wins $150 for first place in The Mary Gornall

We need to add these hits also

17 TomC gets a story in a small print journal, "Kinships" and gets $6
18 Colin Shortlisted at Happenstance
19 Lexie is Highly Reccomended at Cafe Writers
20 Caroline is HR/Runner-Up at Flashquake
21 Alex has a story accepted for print-mag "Wild Strawberries" in the US
22 Colin gets a story into "Heavyglow"
23 A BCer is in the final shortlist for "Phillip Good" (Results TBA)
24 Cally gets a hit with a Children in Need story at "Chick Flicks"
25 Tom's First Prize

So 25 Hits in 58 days, we must be slipping...


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