Wednesday, August 31, 2011

September Blast Early Prompts II

I am out most of Thursday so here is a second set of prompts to cover.

01 Suggested Preparatory Reading

02 I like being outdoors.

03 The quiet life of the night-time computer

04 Shoulder to shoulder, the unemployed...

05 All Saints

06 They say you're proud but you are simply quiet

07 On the wind, is it?

08 Wonder Boys

09 The Book of Magic

10 A story beginning: "I am not lying, but I can't be sure."

11 Penicillin

12 The Art of the Generous exit

13 Sign Here

14 I think it's beetroot

15 Do you fear living?

16 She is writing something in the sand

17 Lundy

18 A Dead Professor, probably male

19 Or Chastity

20 Why I shop at the P O.

21 Cruising

22 Do not go gentle

23 Let me die a young man's death

24 Two Dozen Roses

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Practice Prompts II at 17:15

Begin again, summon the hearers

Every town is my home town

I shall walk through frost and fire

No, forgive me

If you did not exist

I am sick, I am sick

The chair is empty

It is late afternoon, the light is weak

The stink of fox

This is what we see, that is what you feel

Notes in Latin

Nothing is lost but much is missing

Like a hungry bear in bushes

Why cling?

Now he is free of the earth

Drag him into the sun and let him sleep

Looking at my father's face

Mother, how long have you been watching?

You may promise anything

As far as I know I am not dead.

The light upon the wheat

Who can remember Arram?

This is where I fell

Then a formal feeling comes

Practice Prompts Sunday 11:15

What has been gathered

A snowflake, a feather

Cut off the telephone

Sweep up the wood

No sun, no sea, no light rising

I do not quite recall the face, tho light still glows

Pause, but then get on

The earth will lightly cover them

My little man, my man, what gave me life

The greatest, inside the smallest

The streets are cold, the houses dark

After the shipwreck, the reef and pretty fishes

After snow, what a tree!

There were people who loved him, who hoped

Whatever intent the sky

Like a ship, some say, as it dips from sight

How was it? Before? After?

Into clay, and yet I hear breathing

Listen, you need to understand...

What it was was money, what it was was waste

Friday, August 26, 2011

Practice Prompts IV Friday 09:55

Sat in Snow

I have a feeling we are in the wrong place

Born, grew, died

Ding-Dong Bell

I want to be a cow, or possibly a shiny red bucket


Various restaurants, various waiters


Something is in the sky


There are man words for this in Tibet


I'd like to take you (stop there)


Consider this thing that has died

OK! OK! OK! OK! OK!!!!!

I have often walked down this street before

New Orleans

We cannot see beyond it. Is there a beyond?

On the toilet, late.

Love rises up in us.

It's a stain, like tea, or blood

Thursday, August 25, 2011

18:20 Thursday

I am pebble

Just off the highway, not far from Santa Fe

I am writing this, thinking

Have you forgotten how it was?

I'd love a Mac

For all the bodies butchered


They are drowning in mud

Accidental Jennifer


Now it is evening, so I dress


Nothing will stop us, not parents, nothing

Eyes dumb with sadness

Turnbull's Problem

The smell of meat on the wind


He is here, handsome, evil


A snail on the window

Life steps back to look in awe at us

Thursday Morning Practice Blast Prompts II 08:23

When I woke up I was in a dark room

Do you like pie?

It may be fog, but it isn’t fog


I could do nothing except listen


The Weight of the average child

Simple Simon

Some still protruded from his chest


On the other hand, a maggot


The evening slips into you as you slip into the evening

Black Butterfly, BLACK.

A dried out dog.

The world of lost poems

Not to have fire, to have only water

The decorators are here

My dark father, our dark fathers

Grim houses, dusty streets, the sound of waste

So this God, I mean…

Moon Fingers

The same skin is not the same skin

Some back-alley in Marseilles

Friday, August 19, 2011

September is a Blast!!

Boot Camp opens up for a FLASH BLAST in September. Prompts twice a day, maybe some "3's" and all participants trying to write AT LEAST 20 pieces, but hopefully 30+ 1+ a day) for the month.

Contact me by email or FB-Mail if you're interested and please spread the word. These BLASTS are amazingly productive and produce some fine work

I will shortly be announcing a tie-up with an internet lit-mag which will publish a Best-Of"

Email me, FB-Mail me or go to the open part of Boot Camp


and post a hello/confirm interest

Alex Keegan