Friday, January 29, 2021


When the ravens leave the tower
Miss Funnymoney
Pirate School

It’s a matter of habit
Wiping the juice from her chin
One day a goat

The silky symmetry of the swimmer
Your voice seems different
When a baby takes your finger in its grasp

Stamp-addressed escalope
A serious sequence of collisions
Pontius is learning to fly

I am a foot man
Sun is expected sometime in the next month
A unique shade of ink

I was thinking of tea with the queen
The kitchen smells of sex
Listening to reggae in a smoke-filled room

The Stick Market
The smell of dust on the underground
Jerry & Tom

The curves we see in the distance
We can’t all be archangels
The shepherd wants to get the flock out of here!

I am learning the concertina
The bed is big enough
I am not quite in my skin

Thursday, January 28, 2021


Things are a bit lumpy at the moment

After three days, three letters

Turns out Popeye was with the CIA

We will capture America

The light that is in you

You put love on like an old coat

Autumn is just here one day

I vomit occasionally

We are disappointed, of course

The Blessed Urgent Fairy

For those falling short of God’s Glory

Wait for a while, then start digging

It’s a pollen thing

He liked secret messages and invisible ink

Winter is something we survive

Old men playing sad guitars

The darkness comprises us

A bag in a box in a tin in a crate

The houses pretend to be asleep

When your pee is cloudy

Sometimes you just have to win

Bless This House

Where the Papers are Hidden

A Plague of Priests

The Mantlepiece above the fire

The soul escapes the light

Why does half+half feel like less than one?


We have swung too many cats in here

The Black Album

We need to come to an understanding

There may be a mild reaction

The Mass is Ended

A mix of poets and balloons

Certain parts of this have been falsified

Something bitter on the tongue

Snow, in so many different ways

In the middle of the bridge

Eggs, milk, a little detergent

The weight of your piano

Hell’s Angels books have lots of chapters

There are various body parts

Slowly the mood turns darker

A few small monsters to deal with

A green light blinking across the bay

For the want of a nail

Close all doors and windows

As the earth is compacted

Sweet faces, black hearts

Helga hides things in her wooden leg

River of Lies

The bulbs begin to flicker

There are other aspects with which I am not familiar

Rooms full of thunder

Hags, Witches, Bastards

Wednesday, January 27, 2021


Fog is enveloping the cities, trees

I was born long ago but I am not old

There is something familiar about the way you are dying

Selling soup in Abu Dhabi

City of unwanted friends

A mature man doesn’t piss in the snow

I believe I think in a different way

A two-faced clock

My head, my belly and my heart is full


When the ventriloquist loses his voice

The Duck Dance

Three men walk down a street

Repent at Pleasure

I have been sober for 37 minutes

We buckle our swashes, Ma’am

Swan Pond

Some times are Sand, some Smoke

You, my condemned fellows

We shot many and buried the survivors

Pulling a mountain is easier than pushing string

The fog settles, the night comes alive

Uncircumcised Jewish Babies

My Pet Worm

Dimes, cents, dollar-bills

Put the coffin on the cart

Monday, January 25, 2021


The architecture of love

Red Rabbit

Why bass guitarists look  bored

Me and the Supremes

In the darkest corners of cathedrals

Pussy-cat, Pussy-cat, where have you been?

It’s clearly a mirror, he reflected

There was once a wheel-tapper called Fred

A goldfish in my martini

Trial by Candle

Feet like dead fish

In the middle of the middle, dead centre.

The Head Nurse loves me

Never Assume, Always Check

Matter; Anti-Matter; Doesn’t Matter

Fondling #101

The cunning of the betrayed wife

Not all wounds heal

Not all squirrels are bushy-tailed

The picket-fence, a dog

Careless talk is talc

It’s basically a question of geography

Centurion’s Disease

Write it in the sand, then stop the tide

Mormon Underwear

These are my racing clothes

Eclectic Epileptic, Apoplectic


Deadly Virus Localised Area

A tall glass building with no exits

What is the difference between a big bush and a small tree?

Shot by the Black ’n Tans


The man who wore suits to bed

Bananas are herbs, tomatoes fruit

Is the answer some kind of system?

Keats, the randy poet

The difference between butter and margarine

Her husband’s father’s son

Crossword, paper. Cut out the competition


Monday is Yellow. Tuesday is Green

For two pounds of potatoes and a turnip

Follow Me! I’m right behind you!

Flabbergasted Flibbertigibbets

I beg t’differ wit cher!

A Trip to the Sun

I need to die young and tragic. Is 73 too late?

Nellie, Paddy, Jenny. Trecco Bay

America; Not-America.

I need a shave. I SO need a shave

Now is the vintner of our nincompoop

The Litmus Test

Ministry of Excuses

 Monday Prompts

The NHS is hiring Lazarus
I still think it would be better with walls
Pouring the whisky down the sink
God is not well

I have sent my grief away for a break
My boyfriend left me and went back to Sydney
A number of surgical appliances
The glass man has crystal balls

A one-armed man on a trapeze
My insides are outside. That is not good
When fish are dizzy
Three Hundred Things for Clever Boys to Do

Would you like to see my grenades?
Donkey, Ass, Mule Burro
You shoulda seen the look I gave him!
My darling ate my Clementines

To be small enough not to be noticed
I took my friend to see the old ruin but she was out
As disgusting as milk thawed on the radiator

Sock Cucker
A dream of somewhere better than America
Something made with lace
I’m sorry to tell you but you have at least thirty years to live

He was a fine man for stories
I am too lazy to go to bed
Is there an Anarchist Party? The storm abates; small creatures stir

Friday, January 22, 2021


A Minor disagreement in Central Park

Now is the D-J of or Discotheque

The regular incursions of the Press

He killed himself in The Brighton Grand

The steel that makes the ship

Sad as a clock with no minute hand

Rows of sweaty Yellow Cabs

Down the stairs to hot, steaming music

Sneaky Fucking Greeks

Traffic Wardens with AK47s

Clouds, begging for attention

Sergeant Stripes and Corporal Punishment

A Neon Kiss and Flickering Love

I have decided to be a yacht

Sardines, Capers, Oranges

Wear a dustbin-lid in case of falling bricks

Naked as a granite worktop and about as warm

The moon, vaguely pissed off

Two small silver pistols

Bear Mountain now wears clothes

She has a quick, brave heart

The perfectly upright Tower Of Pisa

If war comes, be sure of your love

Viagra in the water supply

Her flaming hair and lips actually flaming
Poetry is playing the drum with two flutes

I am neither invisible, nor transparent

Sometimes the lights should not go on


01 I am imprisoned like a virus is imprisoned
02 Foreman in a Toilet-Roll Mine
03 The dry leaves in our pockets
04 The Sound of the Friday Market
05 Room of Bad Noises
06 Pockets full of poems, condoms, loose tobacco
07 Are there coffee shops on the margins?

08 In the pocket of his tartan waistcoat
09 The delicate lament of rotting meat
10 Are tickets to Perdition Returns?
11 Can a truth be built on lies?
12 I drink because we might run out
13 Swift Blades make ice water
14 A blind wombat

15 The Happy Hooligan Milk-Bar
16 An Enormous Window
17 If our stamp collection was all the same stamp
18 The Wind in the Pillows
19 They are storing the dying on ships
20 Last night I dreamt Trump knocked
21 Something slightly sneaky about love

22 By what rule is blue blue?
23 The past falls away but is in a room
24 I found a jacket on a train
25 The three-mile-long plane
26 Poetry! I was looking for Pottery
27 Men rescuing owls
28 The Two-Inch Poet

Thursday, January 21, 2021


01 More than a few books on bats

02 The praise is like entrails

03 The sewer sings shitty songs at night

04 He wrote poems, hands behind his back, blindfold, silent

05 Frank O’Hara, Ashberry, Koch, Schulyer

06 If a million Chinamen jumped

07 No THIS is what losing is

08 Train versus Cello? Home and Away?

09 Dead Poets do not give a fuck.

10 Two oranges, a Kit-Kat, in my overnight bag

11 Gargled Petrol; Words of Fire

12 if you want a pat on the head, find a cow

13 A ditch full of rubbish; one or two bodies

14 Crucifixes, Barbed-Wire, Duct-Tape

15 Singing to the Death

16 But the the war was over. We gave up poetry

17 The obscenity of your whiteness

18 How to survive a mass-shooting

19 He built scaffolds in Meccanno

20 Filth, unless you’re a shit-eating bug

21 She was a sexy as a stale cookie

22 The smallest Russian Doll is childless

28 How many needles in my eyes?

23 My father is sort-of dead

24 Dancing with Dostoevsky

25 Let’s play “Killing the Lodger”

26 My desk has cliff-edges and deep dark pools

27 I need to get out of here: Yesterday!

28 How many needles in my eyes?

Saturday, January 16, 2021

 and more...

When she opened her purse, a bird flew out

If they reduced speed-limits by 1 MPH per day

Talking shit, smoking spliffs, three in the morning

If the moon had an on/off switch

My father died five weeks ago

The ruts that old carts make

In due course, we shall divine the truth

A man with daisies on his hat

Nothing to write about - here we go!

Another stone in my shoe

Together; on our three-cushion, plush settee

Admit it. You miss me!

Life’s a drag for cross-dressers

28 Day Cut-Off

The bridge is built. Soon we’ll add a road

Decapitating a few rabbits

The Young Female Asian Refugee Writers Group

The dead hippo firing its final shots

Taken at a certain angle

Night coming in like a bag-snatcher

Incompetent, incontinent

I dreamt of Hugh last night.

I live in a storm-drain but it’s MY storm-drain

Double or Nothing?

An air of baffled silence

Penalty Spot

The small rooms in her head

Friday, January 15, 2021

 More Prompts


At the birth a joyful cry. It’s human!
The river has a pulse
My nephew loses his football
It is clearly indicative of SOMEthing
You are a deep valley with steep sides
Blind fingers, eyes that keep touching
Enough steel wool to knit a car
Clap hands, Clap hands, till Daddy’s payroled!
The A-Z of Loss; Loss mechanics 101
From the Ganges to the sea
it’s pay-Day. I need to go and polish my pill!
The black beads on my necklace
Poets in Cages
I am not as happy as I could be
A ragged windmill
The perfect white thigh of the Novitiate
Wet Tissue Omelette
Don’t you hear it? Can’t you feel it?
Dictator Soup
After the landmine: left foot
A friend’s illness needs to be improving or worsening…
I apologise for yawning
Whether you did or didn’t, I will or I won’t.
I p[reach extreme violence
Something too heavy in my father’s heart
Various scribbles in a black book
Is it illegal to marry a donkey?