Thursday, January 28, 2021


Things are a bit lumpy at the moment

After three days, three letters

Turns out Popeye was with the CIA

We will capture America

The light that is in you

You put love on like an old coat

Autumn is just here one day

I vomit occasionally

We are disappointed, of course

The Blessed Urgent Fairy

For those falling short of God’s Glory

Wait for a while, then start digging

It’s a pollen thing

He liked secret messages and invisible ink

Winter is something we survive

Old men playing sad guitars

The darkness comprises us

A bag in a box in a tin in a crate

The houses pretend to be asleep

When your pee is cloudy

Sometimes you just have to win

Bless This House

Where the Papers are Hidden

A Plague of Priests

The Mantlepiece above the fire

The soul escapes the light

Why does half+half feel like less than one?

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