Thursday, November 25, 2021

 25 Prompts November 25 (2) - (576-600)

576 They come with bulldozers one day

577 No, we don’t own tents. There space, you sleep
578 Maybe I work in Harrods Warehouse
579 France shit. France cold. Police Baaaad

580 My tobacco, Red-Bull, Nutella, Biscoff Spread
581 I am born in Asmara, Eritrea
582 I doan know where my Mom is
583 He has books about people like us

584 Fifty-Seven pounds every week
585 Ethiopia, Sudan, Libya, Sicily, italy, France, England
586 No space you try next tent
587 I am very hard-working boy

588 From Basrah, from Ethiopia, from Sudan
589 Social Workers say I don’t ask enough questions
590 I will want to be PLUMBER
591 I have to write cv. 

592 I like Amazon things from China
593 When I was thirteen I run away, hide from soldiers
594 teachers say too many questions - you dumb?
595 I like football, Messi, Ronaldo, PSG, Man City

596 He sits in chair now, with wheels, but he OK
597 I have to write her eulogy
598 I have long hair, different every day. My friend do me.
599 In the lounge a big TV, I like football on iPad

600 I can say Fuck, shit, bollocks, wanker, all the words

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

November 24 (2)

522 Playing around with a bunch of words

523 A good guitar riff is a thing of beauty

524 A small prayer inside a prayer, inside a hymn

525 They can come from some deep, mysterious place

526 It was a time of unredeemed stress

527 “Leave well alone” is not always the right thing

528 Sometimes the words and music just come together

529 I think it’s about acceptance

530 Liverpool Institute High School for Boys

531 My mother died when I was fourteen

532 Honest, straight-forward, undubbed

533 A bit Gene Vincent, a bit Elvis

534 Always on the cusp between conscious and unknowing

535 Take off your clothes and bear with me

536 In the collective unconscious maybe

537 Just a little whisky in my coffee

538 Don’t try and it will happen when ready

539 But thank God for the ones who won’t accept

540 Block out the world, listen for the colour

541 Horatio, I am dead.

542 I felt at ease, loved and protected

543 I can get a bit “perfectionist”

544 Getting back to basics, bonding again…

545 Doing too much of everything

546 Is the collective unconscious in the collective unconscious?

547 There’s ‘trouble at ‘tmill…

548 I often find myself in different kinds of trouble

Monday, November 22, 2021


Rising From the Ashes

Boot Camp re-launched November 3rd and we have had 36 brand new items posted

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 Prompts 434-461 - Monday 22nd November

434 Pink helmets, blue knee-pads, white sneakers

435 NEXT Year I will read…

436 When the booster shot starts to fade

437 I am not sure if this is a true story

438 I tell him the funeral is family-only

439 Excuse me, Sir, is your name Anthony?

440 The carry-on case

441 Perhaps, as things panned out, it was better


443 I must decline your kind offer

444 The cost of a free coffee


446 I need to impress upon you what this means

447 Keep taking the tablets

448 A teaspoon of good earth is a world

449 The French-speaking refugee on the PS4

450 Halal Pigs in Blankets

451 The hiss and bubble, the ping of the tills

452 Various Lovers, most of them dead now

453 A small man, name of Majesty

454 What is Lawful, what is permitted.

456 My red bicycle

457 I do not feel quite right. I must sit down

458 We need to do something about her proclivities

459 Sometimes a man gotta not do what a man’s gotta do

460 Pink Floyd

461 This is the way my father was, his brother was

Saturday, November 20, 2021

 Saturday November 20th, 05:58

379 Eventually, the people will respond
380 The List
381 My mother’s cousin’s brother-in-law

382 The ruins of ancient cathedrals
384 Somewhere on the spectrum

385 A torch that sends darkness
386 One Helluva Book
387 A drum-kit, a bicycle, Lego

388 It is difficult to say this, but NO.
389 They Return
390 Close the blinds, stay quiet, eat slowly

391 Sitting down with old, wise men
392 Fortune-Teller
393 Vatican, Sacre Coeur, St Pauls

394 How it is when death appears
396 Mothers, gather up your children

397 White horses, perfect riders, the brush
398 Various Brazilians
399 Dark red rivers, cyanide

400 The Poetry in a boiling kettle
401 Party Time
402 The Smell of My Father

403 How Edward Jones earned his spurs
404 Dark Streets
405 It is enough that you wanted to,

Monday, November 15, 2021

 PROMPTS for 16th

328 Like a Spaniard writing about London
329 He entered with great presence
330 I am a genius at attracting bores

331 Freckled face, white breasts, blue eyes
332 Left play at interval - to bed with some boy
333 He says he will never amount to much

334 H G Wells and Rebecca West!!!
335 The Right to Sex
336 Tiaras et cetera. Lovely Pictures

337 A good-looking boy of about 19
338 He is ape-like but with a lower IQ
339 Wardell says all three of her marriages shit

340 Breath-taking
341 The duchess was nearly run down by a Silver Cloud
342 Typical of his clan: Ebony, deep brown eyes, malicious

344 A racing-car driver with a square jaw
345 The Secret of Life

346 Lord Salisbury was very late
347 Returned later with Lyle & Tomkins
348 Our love - like a Magazine’s Problem Page

349 The Taxi-Driver
350 Rocket or Catherine-Wheel
351 The Prince of Wales, so absolutely vulgar!

352 We discovered Gage sans trousers
353 What damn use is a book?
354 His nut-brown face lit up with sheer delight

Wednesday, November 10, 2021


Hi Folks

Boot Camp is back!

Currently we are running a short Free Trial at BootCampKeegan to see if we can reach the Critical Number of Members to maintain anonymity etc

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November 2021 - Prompts 008 - 

Wednesday, November 10th

176 I could leave but I have decided to stay

177 He was a prince, once

178 Death of the Herbalist’s Husband

179 i-Phone 99

180 This is what you look like, splattered on the floor

181 We howled through the cold nights

182 An Evil Cradling

183 Love? Ah, Love, the Bloody Armistice

184 Tin-Tack

185 To Radios Married. It was a great reception!

186 Some of us hissed, some booed, someone laughed

187 Sleep Score 41%

188 One day we will be able to talk between cities

189 Cyanide on the NHS

190 Seventeen ways to find a plumber

191 Let me decorate this with a little carnage

192 The Chancellor

193 In my story I am dead, but I wasn’t then

194 The first inter-galactic call

195 The Short, Unhappy Life of John J Smith

196 I found my old tutor on a list


198 Mr and Mrs Bates and their son Master Bates.

199 Dead Man’s Fingers

200 Hear that echo, that echo, echo, o, o, o?

Thursday, November 04, 2021

 Prompts for Bonfire Night

0051 Global warming will never touch her heart
0052 CHINA!
0053 Eventually, someone opens a door
0054 A wild monkey
0055 Let us begin in the middle, slightly confused
0056 Two taverns for every church
0057 Dogs are edible
0058 He waters the lawn. She watches, filled with hate.
0059 Rainbow
0060 The previous tenant killed himself
0061 A magician on holiday
0062 Like a preacher in a whore-house
0063 Tumble
0064 Sometimes buildings get tired
0065 It’s probably February
0066 The world needs waterproof books
0067 Lane swimming
0068 The windows are boarded up
0069 Trees forever
0070 Sometimes sentences need to be long
0071 We swam the waters of our youth
0072 My mother’s false-teeth
0073 Of course I could, but I shall not!
0074 A fat book of terrible poetry
0075 We return after the leaves have fallen


12:56 NOV 4

0026 Where all the hotels are cheap and dirty

0027 Once we had seasons

0028 The brothel is between the church and Police HQ

0029 Like a desert flower after rain

0030 Your next bin collection will be August, 2023

0031 This is, of course, subject to certain conditions

0032 Words like “undulate”

0033 More beautiful when the leaves are dead

0034 The waters rise, they rise

0035 Various kinds of dying Maltese

0036 The thunder of the falls filling his head

0037 Mockingbird

0038 A story beginning: “He looked ordinary…”

0039 Constantinople

0040 We meet, dirty, at the public baths

0041 An old horse, stumbling through mud

0042 The river swollen, the rude bridges creaking

0043 Isobel kissed me after Scouts!

0044 This land of sleaze, this septicked isle

0045 They keep arriving. Not enough drown

0046 The body is yet to be found

0047 Lonesomeness? Not really, not quite.

0048 Fish like leaping glass

0049 With my little bow and arrow

0050 A story ending: “You’d be amazed how easy it is…”