Monday, November 15, 2021

 PROMPTS for 16th

328 Like a Spaniard writing about London
329 He entered with great presence
330 I am a genius at attracting bores

331 Freckled face, white breasts, blue eyes
332 Left play at interval - to bed with some boy
333 He says he will never amount to much

334 H G Wells and Rebecca West!!!
335 The Right to Sex
336 Tiaras et cetera. Lovely Pictures

337 A good-looking boy of about 19
338 He is ape-like but with a lower IQ
339 Wardell says all three of her marriages shit

340 Breath-taking
341 The duchess was nearly run down by a Silver Cloud
342 Typical of his clan: Ebony, deep brown eyes, malicious

344 A racing-car driver with a square jaw
345 The Secret of Life

346 Lord Salisbury was very late
347 Returned later with Lyle & Tomkins
348 Our love - like a Magazine’s Problem Page

349 The Taxi-Driver
350 Rocket or Catherine-Wheel
351 The Prince of Wales, so absolutely vulgar!

352 We discovered Gage sans trousers
353 What damn use is a book?
354 His nut-brown face lit up with sheer delight

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