Thursday, November 04, 2021


12:56 NOV 4

0026 Where all the hotels are cheap and dirty

0027 Once we had seasons

0028 The brothel is between the church and Police HQ

0029 Like a desert flower after rain

0030 Your next bin collection will be August, 2023

0031 This is, of course, subject to certain conditions

0032 Words like “undulate”

0033 More beautiful when the leaves are dead

0034 The waters rise, they rise

0035 Various kinds of dying Maltese

0036 The thunder of the falls filling his head

0037 Mockingbird

0038 A story beginning: “He looked ordinary…”

0039 Constantinople

0040 We meet, dirty, at the public baths

0041 An old horse, stumbling through mud

0042 The river swollen, the rude bridges creaking

0043 Isobel kissed me after Scouts!

0044 This land of sleaze, this septicked isle

0045 They keep arriving. Not enough drown

0046 The body is yet to be found

0047 Lonesomeness? Not really, not quite.

0048 Fish like leaping glass

0049 With my little bow and arrow

0050 A story ending: “You’d be amazed how easy it is…”

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