Monday, November 22, 2021

 Prompts 434-461 - Monday 22nd November

434 Pink helmets, blue knee-pads, white sneakers

435 NEXT Year I will read…

436 When the booster shot starts to fade

437 I am not sure if this is a true story

438 I tell him the funeral is family-only

439 Excuse me, Sir, is your name Anthony?

440 The carry-on case

441 Perhaps, as things panned out, it was better


443 I must decline your kind offer

444 The cost of a free coffee


446 I need to impress upon you what this means

447 Keep taking the tablets

448 A teaspoon of good earth is a world

449 The French-speaking refugee on the PS4

450 Halal Pigs in Blankets

451 The hiss and bubble, the ping of the tills

452 Various Lovers, most of them dead now

453 A small man, name of Majesty

454 What is Lawful, what is permitted.

456 My red bicycle

457 I do not feel quite right. I must sit down

458 We need to do something about her proclivities

459 Sometimes a man gotta not do what a man’s gotta do

460 Pink Floyd

461 This is the way my father was, his brother was

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