Thursday, February 11, 2021


You left and the air was different
It is such an effort to be continually new
Keats, Surgeon Extraordinaire

A 25-Year Sulk
Here is one I stole earlier
If we had to talk to spouses by telephone

Two Tigers in Waitrose
Could you walk on my sunny side?
Grendel was a pussy

A fat pasty from a greasy-spoon
The queen is doing cartwheels down the Mall
Bring your trunks and we’ll make a day of it

A mountain of coffee-grounds
Dirty men eating fingerprinted sandwiches
Fart From the Maddening Crowd

I’m worried about becoming anxious
A periodicity of chimes
Laughing With, Laughing At

The moment the milk goes off
Electrolyte replacement plus water
Violets, Rhinos, Flamingos

Pretending to like Seamus Heaney
Miscounting Calories
Twenty Different Cocktails

Lavender, Chocolate, Cyanide
Black Toe!
Outside the Boston Aquarium

Tuesday, February 09, 2021


Yes, I have certain hopes
Hamburger Grillers in the Mist
We will shortly connect you to one of our advisors

Singing in Wookey Hole
The Many Rivers Underground
Interviews with Angels

Melons, Lemons, Bananas
Higher up the Mountain, greener grows the grass
The Ode Less Traveled

Nurse! Nurse!
The doctor should be here by Friday
A single photon of light

The Ferry Queen
How Women Get Minks
Like a glow-worm at midnight in a coal-shed

£20 to spend in M&S
Satan’s nephew
Afternoon Tea at the Ritz with Michelle

Old men playing cribbage
Dance of cadavers
My gloves, my mask, my bobble-hat

A Poem about potatoes
What wooden fences think of trees
Old, fading, he died quietly by the stove

The stables at midnight
The Deaths of many poets
The Problem with Albert’s Nose

Saturday, February 06, 2021


Between then and a good time later
The Moose
Let us talk about the things we thought we wanted

I like the even un-even beat
Old Brown Things
The view from her apartment, Copacabana

She keeps a dead bird in her purse
The speed of the incoming tired
This is how the days were lost

Saving the cow
They have lined The Mall with barbed-wire
Playing dominoes in the Snug

Before I went to stay with my aunt
I have learnt many unimportant things
A black shoe, hammering on a table

The police arrived and we all went blind
Manuel, the blind knife-thrower
I cannot say my name

The dark smell of old fat buses
When stones rise from the sea
Bulldog on a trampoline

The Prince in his immaculate LandRover
You have dismantled me
Why the committee carried my mother’s coffin

The village is drowning
Another mug of tea
King Liar in a world of lies

Friday, February 05, 2021


I have a spare island if that helps
Yes, I have big feet
The various conjunctions of our disparate lives

Hugh Drama on British Rail
The bare floor, my father crying
Picnic in Potters Field

Like a gendarme drinking a cognac
Buses full of the dead
Love squeezed down to drops

That kiss was only flesh and you are fled
A fire breaks out on the line
The casual vulgarity of a Tory MP

Waiting to become barbarians
Would a red swan be beautiful?
The room smells of old dope and ghosts

Trees grow from carcasses
The street empties, then fills with soldiers
My mother knits straitjackets

Prose, but spoken better
Jibber-Jabber, Jibber-Jabber, marry-ing the Pope
Mr Chalk and his wife, Mrs Cheese

My great-grandfather buried the hanged
Dram on the Bung Mr Spooner
Like clock-don’t-work

Polish the glasses, put out the linen
The unremembered boys of Abersychan
As Green waves claim us

Thursday, February 04, 2021


The enumerated parts of a church

His best brown boots
The unseen dangers of Lycra

He left his overcoat absorbing smoke
But if I die I’ll miss you!
The Woolworth’s Women are rising

How they loved, hated, cheated each other
The growing grey stain on the bathroom floor
Can a masochist love his wife?

Two ready avocados
I am trying a pony-tail. It means nothing
Songs for my funeral

The Stepford Husbands
You Raise me Up!
A Kitchen-Sink Comedy

Somewhere, rain becoming drizzle
No, it’s really about a pigeon
They have freed the poets. RUN!!

Water-in, Water-out, Repeat
Two little Chinese kids, singing
The pain in my big toe

An early-morning enema
When the boys finally leave
Why does Frank Sinatra SOOTHE?

Rules for vetting lodgers
I need to be disturbed
Why towels should be ironed and folded.

 The legions are coming!

I like many things, but best, the dark things
Crawling to Slough

Can you tell me the settlement figure?
They took the calf away bty barrow
Every ‘plane above my head

Before agency, life is tedious
Reading treasure Island beneath the covers
Two-Way Family Favourites

Poeticus Interruptus
The clunging clock in Grandfather’s Hall
from the bath you leave dry footprints

I almost went there once but changed my mind
Kicking strangers in the head
How a damp ceiling says “corruption”

The softer cotton of your underskirt
My heart feels settled, quieter
Raw Green Flesh

We could call it a vacation!
Our silences are not the same
Looking past the goldfish in the globe

My eyes clenched tight-shut - orange!
A PUBIC right of way
My wicked life in the Sahara

We could take a rocket to the moon!
House smell differently now
He breathes out bubbles which is not good.