Thursday, February 11, 2021


You left and the air was different
It is such an effort to be continually new
Keats, Surgeon Extraordinaire

A 25-Year Sulk
Here is one I stole earlier
If we had to talk to spouses by telephone

Two Tigers in Waitrose
Could you walk on my sunny side?
Grendel was a pussy

A fat pasty from a greasy-spoon
The queen is doing cartwheels down the Mall
Bring your trunks and we’ll make a day of it

A mountain of coffee-grounds
Dirty men eating fingerprinted sandwiches
Fart From the Maddening Crowd

I’m worried about becoming anxious
A periodicity of chimes
Laughing With, Laughing At

The moment the milk goes off
Electrolyte replacement plus water
Violets, Rhinos, Flamingos

Pretending to like Seamus Heaney
Miscounting Calories
Twenty Different Cocktails

Lavender, Chocolate, Cyanide
Black Toe!
Outside the Boston Aquarium

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