Monday, February 29, 2016

February Prompts 5901-5925 

13:05 Monday 29th February

5901 Talk shit by all means, but clean up after you
5902 Remembering Lee Remick
5903 From bubbling hope and fresh to end as mud
5904 The days leading up to Barry Island, Barry, then the week after
5905 It broke my damn heart.

5906 From the moment the match is struck
5907 When the world was just here, the water
5908 It was late June
5909 It was how she turned her head, the light
5910 An endless train, so slow, steel, chemicals, powders, meat.

5911 Shadow
5912 The things that are, the things we hope for, the things that are impossible
5913 Returning to what is real and dirty
5914 And how she undressed, so completely
5915 The songs we didn’t sing, the words not spoken

5916 USK
5917 It may be Christmas but someone has to kill the goose
5918 Just on the edge of red
5919 For those long gone, once objects of my dreams
5920 The joy of lightning, the thrill of thunder following

5921 Days of Wine and Roses
5922 An empty station, soft lights, dark dust settling
5923 This is going to take forever.
5924 They have taken off the tiles, the wood beneath like bones
5925 The exact number of revolutions

Sunday, February 28, 2016

February Prompts 5876-5900 

28th February 17:50

5876 The curtains drawn, everything Mr Sheened
5877 A plumber called Monroe
5878 I have many brothers
5879 Falling for Betty See-Saw
5880 Nothing here for you; walk on

5881 There’s a game on somewhere
5882 We can potter round in a half-warm garden
5883 She walked to me and I saw the last of love escaping
5884 One more hour, deathless
5885 It was like Christmas, without the sprouts

5886 Life is not about hurrying
5887 Do you hear that distant scream? It is you
5888 They have filled every streetlight with moon
5889 Selfie with Jesus
5890 As if you came in a basket, floating on water

5891 The pausing kiss; that terrible thing
5892 After one brighter day, winter resumes
5893 You said, “OK, I’ll stay,” and that was when I started dying
5894 The sun rolling up a wet valley
5895 Island of heavy pennies

5896 His gloved arm deep in a cow’s arse
5897 Bikes in pairs, pedalling in sync
5898 A lazy cat too tired to catch a fly
5899 Darkness, wink-wink, nudge-nudge
5900 She wore a cheap cotton frock and it cried with joy

Friday, February 26, 2016

February Prompts 5851-5875 

26th February 13:20

March Madness 01

5851 Play me acoustic, sad, sad songs
5852 Can art be so precise, or is it then engineering?
5853 We all scrape frost from our bedroom windows
5854 It is all too much with us
5855 The slightness of these many bonds

5856 The natural history of the roof-gutter
5857 You may break the knot but the string remains
5858 My father got up way too early
5859  “When Breath Becomes Air”
5860 I am missing my whore

5861 It could be Hallelujah, voices rising
5862 And you, her chosen lover, do you think you matter?
5863 The less they paid us the more we fucked things up
5864 There is disorder, but it is pleasant
5865 Fat as a 747, sounding like a Lada

5866 You snuffle mostly, bark when you are angry
5867 Canap├ęs, Beaujolais.
5868 Hitler was always well-dressed, let’s give him that
5869 Of course we spat in your soup
5870 Landfills, reclaimed marshes, mountains put aside

5871 Rivers of Poetry
5872 I see a lot among false pleasant things
5873 The men took communion, heavy with the bread
5874 I brought her with me. Should we give her a name?
5875 The Ten Commandments of Love.

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

February Prompts 5776-5800 

2nd February 15:45

5776 A year of triumph or disaster
5777 Fat, really, but very, very clever, misses nothing
5778 Feather boas, veils and thirties wigs
5779 A collection of ladies’ hat-pins
5780 I was dreadfully upset

5781 There is something terribly institutional about government entertaining
5782 Caught the early train to Northampton
5783 Her husband ran off with the nanny
5784 Everything done with panache
5785 The profile (and the heart) of a vulture

5786 She made all the other women look plain
5787 A faded, rather shabby institution these days
5788 Atmosphere heavy with economic gloom
5789 Made to feel like servants
5790 I owe a great deal to The Spectator

5791 The Duchess looked pale and tired
5792 Terrific, glamorous, decadent. I loved every second
5793 Diana’s pale blue eyes rather terrified me
5794 Celebrity of the week on Women’s Hour
5795 A raving mob of demonstrators at the doors

5796 Ostracised by her set for turning socialist
5797 A mind filled by nothing and everything
5798 Seventy-eight, still in love with life
5799 All she ever wanted was one good portrait and books
5800 Life seems to have been one long party