Sunday, February 28, 2016

February Prompts 5876-5900 

28th February 17:50

5876 The curtains drawn, everything Mr Sheened
5877 A plumber called Monroe
5878 I have many brothers
5879 Falling for Betty See-Saw
5880 Nothing here for you; walk on

5881 There’s a game on somewhere
5882 We can potter round in a half-warm garden
5883 She walked to me and I saw the last of love escaping
5884 One more hour, deathless
5885 It was like Christmas, without the sprouts

5886 Life is not about hurrying
5887 Do you hear that distant scream? It is you
5888 They have filled every streetlight with moon
5889 Selfie with Jesus
5890 As if you came in a basket, floating on water

5891 The pausing kiss; that terrible thing
5892 After one brighter day, winter resumes
5893 You said, “OK, I’ll stay,” and that was when I started dying
5894 The sun rolling up a wet valley
5895 Island of heavy pennies

5896 His gloved arm deep in a cow’s arse
5897 Bikes in pairs, pedalling in sync
5898 A lazy cat too tired to catch a fly
5899 Darkness, wink-wink, nudge-nudge
5900 She wore a cheap cotton frock and it cried with joy

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