Monday, February 29, 2016

February Prompts 5901-5925 

13:05 Monday 29th February

5901 Talk shit by all means, but clean up after you
5902 Remembering Lee Remick
5903 From bubbling hope and fresh to end as mud
5904 The days leading up to Barry Island, Barry, then the week after
5905 It broke my damn heart.

5906 From the moment the match is struck
5907 When the world was just here, the water
5908 It was late June
5909 It was how she turned her head, the light
5910 An endless train, so slow, steel, chemicals, powders, meat.

5911 Shadow
5912 The things that are, the things we hope for, the things that are impossible
5913 Returning to what is real and dirty
5914 And how she undressed, so completely
5915 The songs we didn’t sing, the words not spoken

5916 USK
5917 It may be Christmas but someone has to kill the goose
5918 Just on the edge of red
5919 For those long gone, once objects of my dreams
5920 The joy of lightning, the thrill of thunder following

5921 Days of Wine and Roses
5922 An empty station, soft lights, dark dust settling
5923 This is going to take forever.
5924 They have taken off the tiles, the wood beneath like bones
5925 The exact number of revolutions

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