Friday, February 26, 2016

February Prompts 5851-5875 

26th February 13:20

March Madness 01

5851 Play me acoustic, sad, sad songs
5852 Can art be so precise, or is it then engineering?
5853 We all scrape frost from our bedroom windows
5854 It is all too much with us
5855 The slightness of these many bonds

5856 The natural history of the roof-gutter
5857 You may break the knot but the string remains
5858 My father got up way too early
5859  “When Breath Becomes Air”
5860 I am missing my whore

5861 It could be Hallelujah, voices rising
5862 And you, her chosen lover, do you think you matter?
5863 The less they paid us the more we fucked things up
5864 There is disorder, but it is pleasant
5865 Fat as a 747, sounding like a Lada

5866 You snuffle mostly, bark when you are angry
5867 Canapés, Beaujolais.
5868 Hitler was always well-dressed, let’s give him that
5869 Of course we spat in your soup
5870 Landfills, reclaimed marshes, mountains put aside

5871 Rivers of Poetry
5872 I see a lot among false pleasant things
5873 The men took communion, heavy with the bread
5874 I brought her with me. Should we give her a name?
5875 The Ten Commandments of Love.

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