Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Feb Blast 013 Prompts



Feb Flash Blast Prompts 012

Tuesday Lunchtime

Another kind of loaf

He had sons, daughters, dogs, a home

New Blood

More than anything she wanted those 2.8

Cook Like a Man

God, basically, doesn't give a shit either way

On the Good Ship Lollipop

Yet more Facebook bullshit

It was light before I pressed the switch

I can count. Look how many fingers I've got

Neighbours, leaning over fences, kids on the floor

The best way to wear an apron, a towel

Can I have a cigarette?

There's no-one here to take your call and I couldn't give a shit.

It is the nature of confinement

It can be hard to lose by not-too-much at Scrabble

I read it in a book, and I saw it in a film

There's a place where they talk in song and not to sing is a crime.

I snore, so?

I would like to be more symmetrical

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Feb Blast 012

Today's Prompts are the story titles from the Boot Camp Booklet
1,620 Minutes. The winning stories from the 2005 Internet
Writing marathon in aid of BBC Children in Need

Paper Crowns

Advice Never received

Loo Seat in Disguise

Low fat Sex

Doubt Comes on a Friday

The Life and death of Bertram Wilson in XXX Words

Red Faced Men

I Heart Pottery

Mr Armstrong

red Traffic Lights

What Brendan Done Today

Whatever will be

Wearing Pink Naked

Bruce Robinson Broke My Heart

The Farmer and the Loaf of Bread

Tom Brown's Spaceship

Four Feet Below

Mrs Murchinson and the Man From Vienna

Friday, February 07, 2014

Feb Flash Blast Prompt Set 011 Fridy PM


The Dwarf


The Wonderful Death of Albert McPhee

A Stroke of Good Luck

My Wife and the Gorilla


Lemon & Lime Cheesecake

The Life You Save

All water flows downhill


How a Good Man Ends

A Silent Valley, Headlights far off


I must, if only in self-defence

A Trip to the Coast

A large cast of non-appearing characters

Goodbye My Sister

Brigadier Jerome and the Widow Jenkins

Various Motorways

The wait at red traffic lights

Tommy's Time-Machine

The Farmer's Wife and the Higgler

Feb Blast Prompt Set 010 Friday 09:38


Feb Blast 010 Friday 09:38


Chicken and Leek Pie

A definite touch of the sniffles

There will be nobody to write the epitaphs

Slither Max

I was just beginning to feel at home

He comes in

Lying on my back in warm fields, listening to helicopters


We decided that the best thing would be survival

Row for Lunch

It is anonymous here, but then, I have no name so we are suited

Breakfast Angst

I have often wondered if the flight could have changed


This is the first of many unsettling questions


I will pretend to be unavailable and answer my phone a lot


I will hold long cigarettes in my long long fingers


The women are singing songs of death and dying

She is Scarlet

You wake alone, counting the cost of things

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Feb Flash Blast Prompt-Set 009


Four Large Stamps

No, it's OK. I'll call you later

I will sell them all to the Portugese

Zulus, Sir; Thousands of 'em!

I know, and I know you know I know.

As the people became lighter and began to rise

There are probably stars

The End of the Last Sin-Eater

He may have killed himself, although thirty-seven wounds suggests...

As pretty as Norman Bates' mother


A nice, simple, soft, boiled, egg


The children will colour it in


I've come to see the manager


Pick a card, any card, he said

Sometimes the world just starts to get heavier


The sun has got his hat on; hip-hip-hip-hooray

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

February Flash Blast Prompts (Wednesday Night)


February Flash Blast (Wednesday Night)

I am carrying my wife

Everything seems a little pale today


A calm evening. Somewhere a dog barks


Her soft clothes, her dress, her underwear


I will strive to educate you

Hello, Vicar

I shall wear my hair long and wear Lycra

Ball-Bearings, Grease

It's not that I actually find you boring, but -


Lock up your daughters; hide the boys underground


A fact delivered like a slap in the face


Tell Her, but don't expect her to listen

I arrived late, to darkness


The mother was weeping


Yes, I wanted to kiss her.

And yet more prompts

I had a letter to post

The dying man wants sunlight

Oil paintings of dying soldiers


The way wood curls beneath the plane

Blue Lagoon

Germans were imprisoned there, some stayed.

I need to say something, but it will take time


Pot-bellied children, women with sharp faces


She had old, smoker's skin


I am looking for love, or a sous chef


My son's ghost is in the garden

All Quiet on Porthcawl Front

The Scenic Railway

Open the curtains, love, let in the light

I am sometimes a student


After hard rain and the steam rising

More prompts (Catching Up)

A skull of coral

Mainland people with anger in their hearts

The odour of rivers

Clear pink lips, a dark tongue


She lived in a thick fog of illness


Fresh bread, my mother's hands


And dreams of Xmas drums


Festivals, Processions, the long road to dying


We do not right old wrongs, only re-arrange them

Old Tyres, a dog on a chain

I used to think that love was all enough

The bullock strains

The c's in focaccia

I cannot find my invisible ink

Father, will you dance?


We must continue mourning; the skies are still dark


Even the sheep are staring


Extra Set of Prompts

Courtesy of Liz

roasting tomatoes

underneath the arches

five minutes till it goes off

wrong side of the tracks


engaged signal


gap toothed smile

wisp of cloud

cold heaters

stand and deliver


brave little snowdrops

social smoker

facebook friends

freshly baked white loaf

Monday Evening's Prompts


Back then, the man-woman thing, it was different

The past is on another planet

Porridge, Toast, Dad at the sink

St David's, Catholics, every one of the bastards

Straw Hats

Corpus Christi, White as Virgins, charcoal, red

We had no choice but try

The thorns go in. Most come out


I thought I knew my accent, talked in prose

We knew our place. No we KNEW our place

The smell of Focaccia

False echoes, mistaken paths

I liked the blues for a while, and harmonicas


So, OK, which of us is free?

On the street where you live

Pack up your troubles and all that

We will need a translator

I am my right hand man, and my assistant 

God will be along later, meanwhile...

February Flash Blast Prompts (Wednesday Morning)


February Flash Blast Prompts (Wednesday Morning)

The sky catches fire and the end is impossibly beautiful

Various tomorrows

With a coarse canvas, always a coarse picture


I think now she goes by the name Tavistock. Or Green

Letter to Noah

We saw a face and a shadow of a face

Downstream of Hell

We will level it

Lemon Drizzle, from the Book

Cold Feet

Take this, a simple flame. Now hold it

Not Reading Derek Walcott

Once there were people here, now moss


Shall I compare thee to a 5% Discount?

46 straight hours with him, but that's not a WEEKEND

Fort Desolation

The women are emerging. They plan to dance

My great grandfather sang. His face was black. Women waited.

Pounding the Ground

It is better with a little more hair

When my wife disappeared, I...

Monday, February 03, 2014

February Flash Blast Prompts 001

February Flash Blast Prompts 001

I came home late

Too much lipstick, too red, like a mad harlot

This is how to fall

A long story with an almost-happy ending

Cursed I cannot remember. Cursed I can


That night, the Farmer's Arms and how I loved the girl with the Fiddle

The stairs were always dark


How a wet floor swells and warps

Call, if you like, but don't leave a message


The sheets are cold and nothing will warm them

He offered me a drop of whisky


Duck, some orange, and something else

How human affairs are designed


Sauna, Massage, Discrete Lunches

How far to Cuba?

I read about it in the Local Rag, Impossible I said.

Jennifer Ryan: Adult Video

I came from a place of water

February Flash Blast

26 Days Left in February.

Boot Campers and Guests are Invited to join us for a Flash Blast aiming for 52 pieces in the Month