Monday, February 03, 2014

February Flash Blast Prompts 001

February Flash Blast Prompts 001

I came home late

Too much lipstick, too red, like a mad harlot

This is how to fall

A long story with an almost-happy ending

Cursed I cannot remember. Cursed I can


That night, the Farmer's Arms and how I loved the girl with the Fiddle

The stairs were always dark


How a wet floor swells and warps

Call, if you like, but don't leave a message


The sheets are cold and nothing will warm them

He offered me a drop of whisky


Duck, some orange, and something else

How human affairs are designed


Sauna, Massage, Discrete Lunches

How far to Cuba?

I read about it in the Local Rag, Impossible I said.

Jennifer Ryan: Adult Video

I came from a place of water

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