Sunday, November 29, 2020


For Sunday Afternoon

November 29th, 2020 11:32


01 We are not born with dreams

02 Some trees are cold, some hot

03 First they shave our heads, then we confess

04 Kidnapped by gypsies

05 Winter has come, the ice is melting


06 Nothing, not a broken twig

07 Bodies on wire: flies on sticky paper

08 Some men endure

09 Ninety, he swam across the bay

10 In straight lines, the guns don’t mind


11 The window plays music in the barn

12 In shadow, in light

13 You can have a poem or my coat

14 The orange tree

15 Father is selling his horse and has bought four bullets


16 Dusty toys with missing wheels


18 Young women, like soft fruit

19 Cell Block Number Nine

20 This is, although I will doubt it, an ordinary love


21 Pepper spray, a drive, then the beating

22 Where Papa is now

23 Tomorrow I will sell my name

24 Trees talk in roots, in fungus underground

25 Men walking past our yard

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Sunday Morning Prompts 29th November


01 We stormed the stage, roaring
02 The hairs upon my arse
03 Raking the leaves, he stops, looks up
04 Thinking about a cottage in Wales
05 Mickey is feeling Goofy

06 Following a stranger, taking notes
07 I wish the trees were not so dark
08 Your body, mine
09 The hands that once held hammers
10 Four walls, five windows

11 Minnie Mouse has OD’d
12 The slow tick-tick of a turning wheel
13 The loves of Kitty Coffin
14 She lived in a series of expensive flats
15 Double bed, white sheets

16 I wait, in a lonely, empty place
17 They are building scaffolds again
18 Every other Friday, my wife becomes a man
19 All my poems are uncollected
20 A compound fracture

21 We have invited sorrow
22 I wake at three, screaming
23 Georgie Robert’s Spud-Gun
24 I am ironing underwear
25 Sometimes I hide in bushes. I just do


28 November, 2020



01 Peter is angry. Jane is sad.
02 I wrote what she said on my ceiling
03 Brown Sugar
04 Upstairs, number thirty-six
05 A copper clown
06 Cinderella isn’t coming
07 The anchor sits in quicksand
08 Measure water with a wooden ruler
09 One peach or two apples?
10 Children should be hard and work good
11 Real love is unrequited
12 The border post deserted, the barrier, up-down-up
14 National Erection Day
15 Where are all the dead birds?
16 Buoys will be buoys
17 Christmas fake
18 Children should makes scenes and not be herd
19 The world’s worse advertising agency
20 I hear dancing
21 The rhyme factory
22 A heart like and old dry riverbed
23 The king is taking a shit
24 Noises in the attic
25 I apologise for bleeding

Friday, November 27, 2020

Friday 27 November

06:00 Prompts

01 It is too early, too late, too cold
02 The Number 17 Bus
03 A small PING!
04 Shoemaker, knife, hammer
05 A cartoon of a cartoon

06 The book of Margery Kemp
07 You could try Cardiff?
08 These insignificant times
09 OK, sex it is, then
10 Mrs Mordecai’s Lover

11 The poison of pragmatism
12 Taxi for Johnson!
13 I left and walked house
14 The shouts of lusty sailors
15 In pink at strangers’ funerals

16 I think I would rather not, Sir
17 The woman who fell to earth
18 A scruffy gladiator
19 Grabbing life by the nipple
20 The difference between small and tiny

21 An old shed with scary corners
22 Someone died
23 The Madam’s Spreadsheet
24 Eating should be serious
25 My Gardening Angel

Thursday, November 26, 2020

 Thursday, November 26th.

PROMPTS at 09:59


01 Famous and from Skegness? Really?
02 Ruins once were pride forever
03 Dirty Water
04 Lids, Sticks, Joe Loss
05 I am sort of dying, nearly sort of dead

06 Frogs in trees, snakes, thorns
07 May we live in quiet times, no numbers added
08 I am too dark
09 He might have been a writer but was far too happy
10 The road thinks it’s beaten the grass

11 I dreamt you kissed me on the eyes
12 Charing Cross, Paddington Unhappy
13 When rhymes first touched me
14 Jesus Price.
15 The husband, all four sons. The woman.

16 Jesus! Were you born in a barn?
17 This door is alarmed
18 A dancer inside every clod, screaming!
19 Soon we were all singing
20 Buy a poppy, or save a puppy?

21 A fling of booty is a temporary joy
22 Rainbow, Kingfisher.
23 The things down the back of the sofa
24 The gritty things in my pocket
25 Irish Stew - In the Name of the Law!

Wednesday, November 25, 2020


Wednesday, November 25th 09:35

01 The youngest adult in the world
02 Mary, Mary quite conforming
03 Something is alive out there
04 The stink of my body
05 My mother once swam in this river

06 A vegetarian meal, except for the meat
07 Wheels and engine are extras
08 I will sleep in a cave, my knife held close
09 A heart like a lost golf-ball
10 You can lose innocence, but never find it.

11 We will hang the artist in the Tate
12 Fishy in the Water
13 The valley darkens
14 A mine with poems in the seams
15 A snail is full of hope until the boot upon it

16 On the first day of Christmas
17 A battered trumpet in a Hawthorn hedge
18 Keyhole, spark
19 There are many obstacles to our love
20 A shiny hip-flask, initials embossed

21 He was ten feet tall in his jammies
22 I’m the goalie who lets in nine
23 Fuck that for a bunch of soldiers
24 I am rising. Be gone when I get back
25 I know longer enjoy birthdays

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

 Lockdown II - Prompts 018

Tuesday, November 24th, 10:15

01 Taxis and buses passed; the sun was shining
02 A broken train of men, once soldiers
03 I feel mountains in my chest, a river
04 Her face behind the glass, misty, blurred
05 I walked across the tarmac, no goodbyes

06 I reckon I’ll get me a mule and a woman
07 So they left together, 900 miles still to go
08 The rector emerged to see them embracing
09 I bit, you jerked and wound me in
10 He felt the unreal ground beneath him

11 He was crying: he stopped and watched the boy in him walk away
12 I took her cold hand and we walked towards the ruins
13 What is silence? What is a secret?
14 She would always be grateful to those who had united them
15 You may not believe it, but we are near

16 Here the shadows were darker. There was a dark door
17 What is “charming”? A filthy Indian can charm a snake
18 The flags still fluttered, if limply
19 I am becoming younger: I know not why
20 A window opened, a female head emerged into light

21 Their youth and energy overwhelmed them
22 God was lying in, had had enough
23 Every damn book, then the bookshelves
24 What she said was light and colourful, like confetti
25 He walked away, a little taller, under his Quaker hat

Monday, November 23, 2020


Monday 23 November, 2020


01 A mad bastard abroad, we will hunt him out
02 An old smell, dead piss, skin
03 Why would you climb down that?
04 Talking of Jesus etc
05 I am practising ignorance, unreading

06 Caught in a dead-end gunnel
07 Randomly underfoot
08 The air seems softer now; warm.
09 I have given up giving up
10 The dead depart: destination unknown

11 The opposite of surrender is submit
12 Now is the winter of out recompense
13 When poverty comes
14 Spiders in my eyes
15 When we got there it was somewhere else

16 When you are grown you will not thank me
17 The sparrow through the hall
18 I would like a disability, not too great
19 Promoted to sweep
20 Bad dreams, dreams that are wild, flying!

21 This is my favourite horse but the saddle is old
22 Two tin-tacks
23 So very late to still be coming home
24 Ebeneezer
25 I am searching for someone lonelier than me

Saturday, November 21, 2020


 01 My sister, well she’s not quite all-there.

02 Form a circle lads, beware of snakes

03 Landfill

04 His name, no, but I remember his face

05 The Napalm Experiment

06 I’d like to be the travelling salesman in a dirty story

07 Postcards from cold, sad places

08 Here is the helmet, here is the hole. This is blood

09 The Words of Walter

10 I smell him smoking, his whispers on the phone

11 It is a filthy bay, the tides are cruel

12 Dark, mid-winter

13 An odd kind of comb-over

14 Maximus Maximus, a small guy, spoke Latin

15 No more tubes, no needles

16 The mirror does not reflect

17 Pushing on an open door

18 Talk dirty to me, but not in English

19 Before the bulldozers arrive

20 A sense of oddness, imbalance, absence

21 He is gone, but his light still shines

22 First guess, then lie, then accuse them

23 If it can’t be written down, it didn’t happen

24 I came here in 1959, ticket-collector

25 Bull followed by shit.Sunday Morning Prompts