Saturday, November 21, 2020


 01 My sister, well she’s not quite all-there.

02 Form a circle lads, beware of snakes

03 Landfill

04 His name, no, but I remember his face

05 The Napalm Experiment

06 I’d like to be the travelling salesman in a dirty story

07 Postcards from cold, sad places

08 Here is the helmet, here is the hole. This is blood

09 The Words of Walter

10 I smell him smoking, his whispers on the phone

11 It is a filthy bay, the tides are cruel

12 Dark, mid-winter

13 An odd kind of comb-over

14 Maximus Maximus, a small guy, spoke Latin

15 No more tubes, no needles

16 The mirror does not reflect

17 Pushing on an open door

18 Talk dirty to me, but not in English

19 Before the bulldozers arrive

20 A sense of oddness, imbalance, absence

21 He is gone, but his light still shines

22 First guess, then lie, then accuse them

23 If it can’t be written down, it didn’t happen

24 I came here in 1959, ticket-collector

25 Bull followed by shit.Sunday Morning Prompts

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