Thursday, November 19, 2020


Thursday November 19th, 2020. Time 08:56

01 Brushed faces, brushed shoes, laces tight
02 Dumplings, fat-laced stew
03 The dull, determined glow of ciggies in the dark
04 Seven cleaners, all with mops
05 Her crockery, polished glass jars


06 One bright day, in the middle of the night
07 The King and Queen do love their greens
08 Bread, butter, salt, pepper
09 Jumble sale
10 The sun was shining, under the waves


11 Incident at Weight-Watchers
12 A beach: sharp with salt and fish
13 Deaf you say? Eh?
14 Pigs may have wings, an ass carried Jesus
15 He will lead us and we will cross oceans!


16 The boat, slowly, goes home
17 He collects pillows
18 Black plastic jerkin, white piping, cracked
19 We walked about a mile
20 Her handkerchief


21 Cats, night-birds, the screams of mice
22 A large quantity of sand
23 Some whistled, some warbled, a goofy song
24 Ship’s carpenter, killed by a walrus
25 Six crates of Coke

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