Tuesday, November 03, 2020

 Covid Lockdown II

Prompts 001


01 A dumb land, a sad land, only night

02 Think for one minute more

03 The paper never chooses to be blank

04 Silent Speed Dating

05 The poker, scuttles, brass instruments



06 A story beginning: “Goole, no really…”

07 The hours that have fled us 

08 Do not presume God is decent

09 Four funerals and a wedding

10 The dog before it is eaten


11 You left a drawer full of pants

12 I am a red sea, swelling

13 With the air of a mortuary

14 Imagine, when we choose, we have a choice

15 When life was infinite


16 We mostly hear old things

17 Yellow wood, left or right?

18 Digging in here for some kind of Heaven

19 Ancestral residues

20 Swords rusted in their scabbards


21 After the paperwork, the obligatory drink

22 Not clean, not in-between, not slow

23 I am at home here

24 Fresh bullets are pretty

25 When I should be doing something else


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