Tuesday, November 17, 2020

 Tuesday, November 17th

07:35 Prompts


01 Come live with me and be my slave
02 Five apples, one wins you a million, one is a slow death
03 The Donegal Butter Wars
04 Dead, eh? Did he go well?
05 I will think upon your proposal before refusing


06 Love, the bloody armistice
07 My parents weren’t pleased
08 Roses are red, your tongue is sharp
09 Are there large fry?
10 Margaret O’Flaherty was my aunt. She had a smelly dog.


11 After a heavy lunch, he walked to the end of the quay
12 The bishop will need to move
13 Yippie!
14 The ass that Jesus rode
15 Now that he’s dead, should we sell his chair


16 Various, wires, plugs, leads
17 At the sight of the light, lighting a window
18 I have a magical bicycle
19 The exact nature of Tapioca
20 I fell for Jennifer Ice-Rink, but she was cold


21 Mary Dobbins
22 It gets dark here early
23 I’m afraid, Miss, I am adored by many, most prettier
24 The sudden death of the teabag
25 Ebola, AIDS, Covid, you.

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