Thursday, November 12, 2020

 Thursday Prompts

01 The wires we should not touch
02 It’s not easy to enter
03 In the name of God, depart this place!
04 Miracles and Science
05 The smell of baby-milk; tears

06 Once we were real
07 A Czech in Slovakia
08 I hope to be an adolescent
09 As car bombs go, it was benign
10 Lying very still in low, dirty water

11 He did not kill his father
12 I vant to be a loan
13 Please be jealous; I need to be angry
14 Mother, I need to ask you…
15 A T-shirt sprayed “DUMB!”

16 I am occasionally sober
17 The best wars are wonderful
18 Then ISIS came.
19 So clueless he doesn’t know what a clue is
20 When we play in a meadow, we trample the flowers

21 We could live in Buffalo
22 Royal Air Farce
23 We will continue: dawn will come
24 Heat in the nether regions
25 In her dead hand, a mouse…

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