Saturday, November 07, 2020

 Lockdown 2. Prompts 3

Saturday 7th November, 08:30

01 Mr Gnu is Dead, Mrs Gnu is Dead, the baby Gnus are Dead
02 This isn’t dawn; dawn is warmer
03 How Orange Fades Slowly
04 The sky, ever lower
05 Your long body on the unkempt couch

06 You say I have forgotten things
07 Briefly, I thought we would touch
08 I like ships, big ships
09 Gable, Gatehouse, Gravel Path
10 River? Mountain?

11 Their horses clattering across the tracks
12 The lost mammoth
13 Nah-Nah-Nah, I’m not listening
14 We loved as if we were dying
15 But ought resides a long way from does

16 The lights are lower, can you hear music
17 Now the bodies are gone
18 Black hills, brown, dark green, purple
19 Hold me up from the water
20 Not such interesting times

21 My knapsack on my back
22 If you die, send me a message
23 Deli Crawl
24 Crusty garlic bread, dark red wine, music
25 Teach me to love you

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