Sunday, November 29, 2020


For Sunday Afternoon

November 29th, 2020 11:32


01 We are not born with dreams

02 Some trees are cold, some hot

03 First they shave our heads, then we confess

04 Kidnapped by gypsies

05 Winter has come, the ice is melting


06 Nothing, not a broken twig

07 Bodies on wire: flies on sticky paper

08 Some men endure

09 Ninety, he swam across the bay

10 In straight lines, the guns don’t mind


11 The window plays music in the barn

12 In shadow, in light

13 You can have a poem or my coat

14 The orange tree

15 Father is selling his horse and has bought four bullets


16 Dusty toys with missing wheels


18 Young women, like soft fruit

19 Cell Block Number Nine

20 This is, although I will doubt it, an ordinary love


21 Pepper spray, a drive, then the beating

22 Where Papa is now

23 Tomorrow I will sell my name

24 Trees talk in roots, in fungus underground

25 Men walking past our yard

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