Tuesday, November 24, 2020

 Lockdown II - Prompts 018

Tuesday, November 24th, 10:15

01 Taxis and buses passed; the sun was shining
02 A broken train of men, once soldiers
03 I feel mountains in my chest, a river
04 Her face behind the glass, misty, blurred
05 I walked across the tarmac, no goodbyes

06 I reckon I’ll get me a mule and a woman
07 So they left together, 900 miles still to go
08 The rector emerged to see them embracing
09 I bit, you jerked and wound me in
10 He felt the unreal ground beneath him

11 He was crying: he stopped and watched the boy in him walk away
12 I took her cold hand and we walked towards the ruins
13 What is silence? What is a secret?
14 She would always be grateful to those who had united them
15 You may not believe it, but we are near

16 Here the shadows were darker. There was a dark door
17 What is “charming”? A filthy Indian can charm a snake
18 The flags still fluttered, if limply
19 I am becoming younger: I know not why
20 A window opened, a female head emerged into light

21 Their youth and energy overwhelmed them
22 God was lying in, had had enough
23 Every damn book, then the bookshelves
24 What she said was light and colourful, like confetti
25 He walked away, a little taller, under his Quaker hat

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