Thursday, October 22, 2009

Prompts Thursday 22nd October

And then by drowning


The three car crash

Wounded bird, tree

We only remember their names

Red Slippers

We ride into battle, our horses do not volunteer

A House with green wallpaper


Rock and Bloody Roll

The Arbortionist's Lunch

I will not come out until someone apologises

I made a sculpture of my father, without a heart

You Have Mail!

How many Eggs for Breakfast, Caesar? (Ate Two, Brute)

The nature of bad jokes

A black cat at midnight, in an unlit coal mine

Grandmother, blood

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

28 Days: Wednesday 21st Prompts

Women in neon passing the window

Career Path

Plain-Clothes detectives are operating in this store


What I was about to say

In my attic

She leaves the nursery and begins to walk

There is a pause in the music

Another Toy

I will choose a child not my colour

All the ships have left, the last plane

A Silver Bracelet

So I opened the parcel


I stood once, at a window in a storm

Tomorrow or Not

Eating Electricity


Friday, October 16, 2009

28 Days: Prompts Friday 16th

And for another twenty-five pounds, a neat leather wallet

Frozen Shoulder

I Have My Lover's Heart (in the fridge)

Come Live With Me and be my fuck-buddy

Shall I compare thee to a 0-0 draw in Crewe on a wet Monday?

Here, have an onion

Bloody Men!


Catch a Falling Star and Put Him in Hello

Drink to Me, Leona

Gather a few roses and that

You waste your time and mine

When I consider how my life has whistled past

Had we but world enough, and time

There is no one like Sally

Listen, the Curfew Bell

I had a goldfish

I will have a cat named Beatrice

And when a lovely woman

The harbour is still, the sea is low and swollen

Thursday, October 15, 2009

28 Days Prompts. Thursday 15th October

The Dogs are Gone

In Eastbourne, or Lewes. Well Brighton Way

The Rain it was that killed us

Two Bites

Forgive me. I am about to break wind

He hit him in the head

Three lonely guys and a sad old dog

Mary Ellen at the Pawn Shop door, baby in her hand and the bundle on the floor

Polishing the threshhold


The wind off the sea whipping our faces

Bugs live in spotless houses

Soaping, scrubbing, swilling off

He moved from Salop to Splott

Coal Dust signature

This is Tom. This is Jane. Tom Loves Jane. Jane loves Frank.

A soiled mattress, bugs, probably


In about 1900, here or hereabouts

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

28 Days. Prompts on Wednesday 14th

I want to somewhere, on a long dark train, whistling

Be that as it may

Please choose music, photos

I think my sight is not what it was

Everyday, Every Way

One day I will be a skinny boy, ribs showing

The floor is full, may I have another room?

Maybe We Will Recover

The Thing About Birthdays

Kitchen Sync

I have decided to be slovenly

Crumple Me

Strong Plunge I Have

Pull Yourself Apart, Man!

A Plain Wood Table, A Simple Chair


Apart from the obvious, there is little to say


A Man on a Bridge

I Doubt it Very Much, Mrs Havisham

The House is Sad, the furniture weary

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

28 Days. Prompts on Tuesday 13th

Who remembers to leave the bottles out


And crazy, fearless children

Picture a glassy sea

Stone, Fish

I am going, I just don't know where it is


The hinges are rusted


If you want, you can overlook this


Riddle me this, Batman


A Short History of a Few Odds & Sods

I am in the garden

A few wept, a few laughed. Most were silent

I am the guilty bystander

My wife will stop you

People in Grass Houses

I'm not sure, but have you got younger?

Monday, October 12, 2009

28 Days: Prompts on Monday 12th

My mother has sold my books

Sheds, Pigeons

A little bit of luck would have seen us through


From the backs of pick-up trucks

If you love me, build

Read to me by candle-light, your soft voice

Wearing an old coat

At least the roof doesn't leak


Are you happy to be in this picture?


And BEFORE the big bang?

Drifting, Salt

The walls are high enough, for we are small and feeble

It's not easy to admit

There are small heroes, just as heroic

Van & Wheelchair

A pebble in her shoe

Sunday, October 11, 2009

28 Days. Prompts on Sunday

Around the bottom of the tree, but not the tree

About your credit score

The Waste Land

Going Back to Miami

Various Methods of Appeal

There appears to be no ridge, no way for it to hold


Of course elephants can jump

Fighting Towards Italy

The Vaguely-Happy Barrista

How to Be Alone

52 Ways of Looking at Love

Lady Sings the Blues

The Smell of Cooking Meat, High on the Night

Leaving Soon for Lancaster

Boring Letters Home

T S Eliot on His iPod, Dante in His Bag

One Or Two Batteries May Work

Monday, October 05, 2009

28 Days. Prompts 03 Monday 5th

I dreamt of the perfect story

Tell me about the future, I want to know

For five days we waited

A crisp, fresh page

Remember me when you are gone

I am too well to be a poet

It is like, after too far in the rain, you see a light

There is a cold field somewhere, and gold

After, we laid in the sun and wept

Where is the boy now, what is he?

Owl, white as light

We could build a bridge, or a castle

You will wake soon, I will go

This will need to be checked out, then we'll see

At your ear, something breathless, rising

Where dead feet walked

I walked with sorrow, listening to her silence and understanding

Sunday, October 04, 2009

28 Days. Prompts 02 Sunday 4th

I want to sleep and take my time waking


I would love her, but how do I do that?

Richard Bow

Four beauties in a lift

Something worries me about us

His Little Red Bicycle, Brown Shoes

Tie up and rest

Something is broken, small but terribly important


Living is merely death deferred

Pineapple, Brick, Chocolate, Chair

Tell me you are not afraid

Six policeman, one van, one drunken, stupid man

I can smell antiseptic

Death is not the punch line, even if life's a joke

Rain folding in the streets

Hope Flies

When I am old I shall wear Lycra

We could slow down, hold each other

Saturday, October 03, 2009


Last Month's Blast was pathetic when compared to even an "ordinary" month.

As I'm late this month let's have 28 Days, 28 Pieces, 28 Subs.

Please don't joinn this and then be a spectator.

Join and do, or don't join


To Join 28 Days, you MUST write a piece a day, every day, for the rest of
October. If you are going to miss a day, then do TWO pieces the day before

To Join 28 Days, you MUST write a piece a day, every day, for the rest of
October. If you are going to miss a day, then do TWO pieces the day before

To Join 28 Days, you MUST write a piece a day, every day, for the rest of
October. If you are going to miss a day, then do TWO pieces the day before


A swell, modest time


In a catholic country


What are we waiting for, assembled in the halls?


The burnt-out ends of a ragged month


A newspaper tumbles in the wind


Blinds are pulled down at dirty, yellow windows


And she was built in pride and made for death


To see them flourish, fall


We lived in trees, or waded in the shallows of the lake


Fish are rotting in choked channels


Things will get raw and bleed


Everywhere stinks


It is a small sacrifice, just my son


Like old men double up and coughing


Death is beautiful slowed down

Friday, October 02, 2009

Ocotober 02 Prompts

01 Red Light

02 One Mint Left

03 Trailer Park Boys

04 Memories of My Father

05 Memories TV

06 Black Rain

07 An Awfully Big Adventure

08 As for the hall, they've done the best they can

09 I feel almost smothered when I start to write

10 Ted is going to buy a cheap radio this week

11 My little enamel table

12 I have been having a pleasant day in bed, resting and reading

13 I am going to start seeing a woman doctor

14 My new hairdo and clothes have cheered me up

15 Madness by Text

16 The Vacuum Run

17 The Simple Truth

18 You Can Look But You Better Not Touch

19 Blue Avenue

20 Say it's all right Joe

21 Clean Sheets and a River View

22 Telephone Call From Istanbul

23 Way Down in the Hole

24 All the Way to the Middle

Thursday, October 01, 2009

October 01 Prompts


The Black Girl in Search of God

The Red Tsar

The Christmas Hip-Hop


Watching my father watching TV

Never Again

A line from the right poem might help

Mad Men

Better in High-Definition

When Poverty Flies in Through the Window, Love Flies Out the Door

Ghurkas in the Dark

Fishy in the Water, Fishy in the Sea

The Fire

Forgotten Voices

Lies My Teacher Told Me

A way of skimming things until daylight

He puts down the glass.

It's not out yet

A blanket across his lap

Yellow Squares

A train was coming, and for a second...

He'd been almost famous, had a wife, two children