Friday, October 02, 2009

Ocotober 02 Prompts

01 Red Light

02 One Mint Left

03 Trailer Park Boys

04 Memories of My Father

05 Memories TV

06 Black Rain

07 An Awfully Big Adventure

08 As for the hall, they've done the best they can

09 I feel almost smothered when I start to write

10 Ted is going to buy a cheap radio this week

11 My little enamel table

12 I have been having a pleasant day in bed, resting and reading

13 I am going to start seeing a woman doctor

14 My new hairdo and clothes have cheered me up

15 Madness by Text

16 The Vacuum Run

17 The Simple Truth

18 You Can Look But You Better Not Touch

19 Blue Avenue

20 Say it's all right Joe

21 Clean Sheets and a River View

22 Telephone Call From Istanbul

23 Way Down in the Hole

24 All the Way to the Middle

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