Sunday, March 15, 2015

More March Madness Prompts (Sex)

March Madness


 (Mar 15 2015) 

 07:50 Sunday

1576 Tin-Baths and Satellite Dishes
1577 God told me to kill the child.
1578 Greeks fighting Serbs fighting Croats, Bulgarians
1579 The homeless under sacks, the coughs in alleyways
1580 A woman in perfect beige on a horse shining black

1581 Apparently we have things called hormones
1582  New Year's Eve, 1913
1583 They are putting sawdust down, then mud, feathers
1584 Bulletinss from bigots
1585 The dirty smell of stale beer and men

1586 Well, officially it was a war, but only 10,000 dead
1587 It will be better with SKY and European Games
1588 Those conceived with neither love nor hate
1589 Beautiful women carry great sadness
1590 Whistler, Gaugin, Monet, Pissarro, 1903. Picasso

1591 A swell time, fat steaks, good beer, the lads
1592 Slate is never clean
1593 A page of news tumbling over in the wind
1594 Fucking in his Rediffusion Van
1595 McDonald's from two hundred yards away

1596 There's an Italian bloke down on Lavernock Point
1507 Renting furnished for quicker getaways
1598 All we have is rugby and fighting sergeants
1599 The fag-end of a Tuesday night
1600 Except, accidentally, about once in ten years, someone gets out

Thursday, March 12, 2015

63 and Counting


 (Mar 12 2015) 17:42 (Thursday)

1551 Everything that has been gathered will be ungathered
1552 Think of it like surfing on the biggest ever fucking wave
1553 Dec 26, National Suicide Day
1554 A box, they long, they wide, any old shit
1555 It is the smallest things we miss.

1556 Before something, nothing, then a growing something
1557 There's somewhere else to visit
1558 When the field is fallow it disgusts
1559 Do not stand at my grave and pee.
1560 Turn off the internet, pause. Make the television dark.

1561 Not weeping. Jump in and party!
1562 Cold gravy, a solid skim of fat
1563 I do not welcome sky, not welcome stars
1564 Spirit to substance to spirit with echo.
1565 I'll think about it, especially on cold, rainy nights

1566 Culmination, Celebration
1567 How can her absence swell in the room, how?
1568 This is a poor, dull thing, and we are less because of it.
1569 A little pain, OK, but just a little
1570 This diminishes us

1571 Denial, Anger, Blah-blah-blaah, Acceptance
1572 Six feet, no make it eight for safety
1573 Lovers, sail to us, from us, but love is the wind
1574 You'll remember me. I'll make sure of that,
1575 The dead depart, or is it us moving on?

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Prompts 062

March Madness

2015-0062 (Mar 10 2015) 11:42 

(For Wednesday Morning) 

1526 My leg comes off on Monday
1527 I was older than this, a few years ago
1528 Father Maloney's Glass Eye
1530 She has a new zimmer frame

1531 My heart shall be replaced by granite
1532 I will be stuffed and behind glass
1533 His dick gunmetal, waiting to be polished
1534 This is the time of the wolf
1535 Jesus, Jesus, Mary and somebody else

1536 A Darkness of Sisters
1537 Morning light stretches, Evenlight swells
1539 I would like to be a Jones, with three initials
1540 I am wounding time

1541 It's not long until four; this is the time of the sad
1543 Yes, Geese, about two hundred, like bombers
1544 He woke in an Algiers brothel, his pockets empty
1545 Body Bags, but pretty colours

1546 Here they come, the exiled smokers, poets
1548 At the edge of my desk, a thousand-foot drop
1550 Play with honour, finish with pride

Monday, March 09, 2015


March Madness


 (Mar 09 2015) 10:29 (For Tuesday Morning)

1501 I woke early enough
1502 There's a man I hate, talking on the radio
1503 Last Post
1504 The Next Forty Years
1505 A dozen mechanics, but never enough

1506 I am not present in the list of Welsh Poets
1507 John William Jones, Postman
1508 PORTER!
1509 The Invisible Gentleman From Yokohama
1510 Late of this parish

1511 The Scarlet Pimpernel
1512 Mother, Mother, I have tried my best
1513 It is cold on this corner, often wet
1514 JUNE!
1515 Power But Very Little Glory

1516 If anyone will listen, I will relate my adventures
1517 It is with great regret that I have to inform you...
1518 Meeting Evan
1519 It was the last day in August
1520 At some point the voice will change

1521 The nearest description would be "blob"
1522 Turnips, Turnips, Turnips
1523 I approach the problem with grit and determination
1524 Cheerio, old chap
1525 We met up by the reservoir

More March Madness

March Madness


 (Mar 09 2015) 07:01 

1476 Doves, pomegranates, peacocks
1477 Once I imagined having ethics
1478 There should be a patron saint of wankers
1479 I climb from my book and taste the dull world
1480 I remember he wore a white shirt and had difficulty breathing

1481 The distant murder of the great guns
1482 You're not dead, but I wouldn't call you healthy
1483 Books full of dead poets, well forgotten
1484 I am in love with Sarah Palin
1485 Singapore Burning

1486 In the New Yorker
1487 Bakelite
1488 The White Heat of that moment
1489 Honey, money (a fiver, apparently)
1490 Being bad is not the point; doing my best is.

1491 Family, Modernity, Consumerism
1492 A Graphics Issue
1493 Bluebells never ring
1494 In all a quiet affair, but an affair, still
1495 The love that was love yesterday

1496 The red-headed women of Dinas Mawddwy
1497 Sacrament
1498 If I'm not there early, I'll be late
1499 a fact confirmed by a jury of married women
1500 We are here to watch the battle, and later bleach their bones

Sunday, March 08, 2015

More Prompts

After you have used these prompts you may wish to read how I got them!

2015-0059 (Mar 08 2015) 

11:31 (Sunday 1451-1475)

1451 What Ray said
1452 Swans, Geese, Ducks, a sky like silver paper
1453 The passing bells
1454 “Welcome to the Pleasure Dome”

1456 Remembering, Owls, Pussy-cats, dirty British Coasters
1457 Whistling in the shower
1458 I need to rest for a while. Call me tomorrow
1459 You may call me Tom but my name is Tomas, no H
1460 RELAX

1461 Shirley Temple
1462 I would suggest the time is upon us
1463 Dropping as death upon the smallest life.
1464 Henrietta insists she will not come.
1465 You call this a storm? Try harder!

1466 Point A
1467 This is less elastic than I hoped
1468 I do not want my father to go gently, the rage is mine
1469 A straight line is not always the shortest way
1470 A Friendly No

1471 Spiders, Flies, Crocodiles, that sort of thing
1472 Dirty Call Service
1473 May we borrow your wife?
1474 The sea is quietening, it will be calm soon
1475 Bread Rising and my Sunday is filling up

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

March Madness

Prompt Set

2015-0056 (Mar 04 2015) 12:01 

(Wednesday 1376-1400) 

1376 I have often wondered, then forgotten
1378 Sinew, Spleen
1379 What drips, what floats, what stutters and coagulates?
1380 Yes, Mrs Blenkinsop.

1381 Ice-Sugar mountains, dark green below
1382 The Distillery
1383 Mature manure.
1384 Eating like Romans
1385 Slow things ache, and will crumble. Just wait.

1386 My bed had a blue headboard, a transferred galleon
1387 Red Kites, Magpies
1388 Leaves, the randomness of gold light
1389 Write from the side of your mouth, use the corner of the eye
1390 Moth, butterfly

1391 Recalled in a dream
1392 A shit I will not give.
1393 The child falls
1394 Demotic, Idetic, totemic etcetera
1395 Put an LP on the turntable, pour the wine

1396 Just say whatever doesn't pop into your head
1397 Ice-Cream, Blood
1398 Consider this an anchor
1399 Write, or preferably, bleed
1400 How can day be darker than the night?

More Jan-Blast Success

A flash shortlisting takes BC to three hits pieces written in the January Blast (with more to come!)

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

And we have a winner!!

You may recall the Boot Camp January Blast

Well, we have already had a £75 Third Place for a poem
and today we announce we have the winner of £700

First Place in the Sentinel Annual Poetry Prize.

Well, that is us ahead for the year and everything to come will be a bonus.

Folk, it works.

March prompts 4

Boot Camp Keegan March Do



 (Mar 03 2015) 10:07

1351 They say depression is a physical thing
1352 What if weather is the world talking?
1353 The wonderful dust
1354 Coming down the middle of the street, brazen
1355 Howitzer

1356 Make me some mash and mint-gravy. Fuck the rest
1357 Let me be blunt, being old is shit.
1358 When night spins and cries
1359 I feel a poem not coming on
1360 We expected her on the hour or shortly thereafter

1361 Eany-Meany-Miney-Mo
1362 There is a certain grammar to our mutual hatred
1363 Wall Street burns
1364 Counting dead stars
1365 Jim Bowie, and the man with the racoon-tailed hat

1366 I will marry late, or perhaps be a monk
1367 He may have been called Franscois
1368 Let us call this an exercise in revenge
1369 A White Rolls-Royce
1370 Peter Piper Picked a Fucking Pepper

1371 When Colin Hicks lost an eye
1372 Fold the flag slowly
1373 I may learn to like The Independent
1374 Scrumping on The Thousand Acres
1375 Sudoku in the centre-spread, bile everywhere else

Monday, March 02, 2015

March Prompts 3

Boot Camp Keegan's March Thing
(Mar 02 2015) 08:07 

1326 Morning cinders, the small rituals
1327 TIN
1328 The clock in great granddad's house
1329 Coal-house, out-house, alleys
1330 Please don't turn around
1331 Brass tools, scuttles, gas-pokers, chilblains
1332 You are both eight, swimming together
1333 Love can choke too
1334 Chestnuts, crumpets, ash, a focus
1335 The terrible memory of older pains
1336 Rolling beneath dispassionate light
1338 There was something about coal
1339 Pantry, sink, milk on the doorstep
1340 When your mother was a virgin
1341 God is a little unwell
1342 Your closed frontiers
1343 The debris under cliffs
1344 Smaller, quicker than a ferret's dick
1345 Twigging
1346 Behind us, waiting, was a small TV
1347 The day geometry failed
1348 Coke Joke
1349 For no particular reason, I think you should suffer
1350 When telephones were black and waited for news

Sunday, March 01, 2015

March prompts 2

Boot Camp Keegan
March "Do"
Prompt Set 2
015-0053 (Mar 01 2015) 
1301 Beech, Birch, Spruce
1302 Hey, Mum, guess what I named after you!
1303 Flashbulbs, Hyenas, waiting sheep.
1304 A few small steps
1305 Pearl Harbour, Iwo Jima,
1306 Blood flows in us as we sleep
1307 How promises should be broken
1308 The check-list for Enola Gay
1309 The doctor is ready for you now
1310 We are made by spirits. In some the spirit stays
1311 We sit at a midnight table, cold
1312 There is some logic in that. Not a lot, but some
1313 What is left to say when love is murdered?
1314 Coiled like a cobra
1315 We are going to the zoo. They have Popes and Bankers there
1316 You can read about it in books
1317 The way darkness swells and slowly shifts
1318 VOMIT
1319 A clean nurse in a starched dress
1320 Grey shorts, pullover, grey socks, blue tie
1321 Then we heard the call again
1322 A sheepskin coat looks best on a sheep
1323 The aeroplane shines until it hits the sea
1324 How to pick a scab
1325 Your mother is waiting on the verandah