Thursday, March 12, 2015

63 and Counting


 (Mar 12 2015) 17:42 (Thursday)

1551 Everything that has been gathered will be ungathered
1552 Think of it like surfing on the biggest ever fucking wave
1553 Dec 26, National Suicide Day
1554 A box, they long, they wide, any old shit
1555 It is the smallest things we miss.

1556 Before something, nothing, then a growing something
1557 There's somewhere else to visit
1558 When the field is fallow it disgusts
1559 Do not stand at my grave and pee.
1560 Turn off the internet, pause. Make the television dark.

1561 Not weeping. Jump in and party!
1562 Cold gravy, a solid skim of fat
1563 I do not welcome sky, not welcome stars
1564 Spirit to substance to spirit with echo.
1565 I'll think about it, especially on cold, rainy nights

1566 Culmination, Celebration
1567 How can her absence swell in the room, how?
1568 This is a poor, dull thing, and we are less because of it.
1569 A little pain, OK, but just a little
1570 This diminishes us

1571 Denial, Anger, Blah-blah-blaah, Acceptance
1572 Six feet, no make it eight for safety
1573 Lovers, sail to us, from us, but love is the wind
1574 You'll remember me. I'll make sure of that,
1575 The dead depart, or is it us moving on?

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