Sunday, March 08, 2015

More Prompts

After you have used these prompts you may wish to read how I got them!

2015-0059 (Mar 08 2015) 

11:31 (Sunday 1451-1475)

1451 What Ray said
1452 Swans, Geese, Ducks, a sky like silver paper
1453 The passing bells
1454 “Welcome to the Pleasure Dome”

1456 Remembering, Owls, Pussy-cats, dirty British Coasters
1457 Whistling in the shower
1458 I need to rest for a while. Call me tomorrow
1459 You may call me Tom but my name is Tomas, no H
1460 RELAX

1461 Shirley Temple
1462 I would suggest the time is upon us
1463 Dropping as death upon the smallest life.
1464 Henrietta insists she will not come.
1465 You call this a storm? Try harder!

1466 Point A
1467 This is less elastic than I hoped
1468 I do not want my father to go gently, the rage is mine
1469 A straight line is not always the shortest way
1470 A Friendly No

1471 Spiders, Flies, Crocodiles, that sort of thing
1472 Dirty Call Service
1473 May we borrow your wife?
1474 The sea is quietening, it will be calm soon
1475 Bread Rising and my Sunday is filling up

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