Wednesday, March 04, 2015

March Madness

Prompt Set

2015-0056 (Mar 04 2015) 12:01 

(Wednesday 1376-1400) 

1376 I have often wondered, then forgotten
1378 Sinew, Spleen
1379 What drips, what floats, what stutters and coagulates?
1380 Yes, Mrs Blenkinsop.

1381 Ice-Sugar mountains, dark green below
1382 The Distillery
1383 Mature manure.
1384 Eating like Romans
1385 Slow things ache, and will crumble. Just wait.

1386 My bed had a blue headboard, a transferred galleon
1387 Red Kites, Magpies
1388 Leaves, the randomness of gold light
1389 Write from the side of your mouth, use the corner of the eye
1390 Moth, butterfly

1391 Recalled in a dream
1392 A shit I will not give.
1393 The child falls
1394 Demotic, Idetic, totemic etcetera
1395 Put an LP on the turntable, pour the wine

1396 Just say whatever doesn't pop into your head
1397 Ice-Cream, Blood
1398 Consider this an anchor
1399 Write, or preferably, bleed
1400 How can day be darker than the night?

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