Monday, March 09, 2015

More March Madness

March Madness


 (Mar 09 2015) 07:01 

1476 Doves, pomegranates, peacocks
1477 Once I imagined having ethics
1478 There should be a patron saint of wankers
1479 I climb from my book and taste the dull world
1480 I remember he wore a white shirt and had difficulty breathing

1481 The distant murder of the great guns
1482 You're not dead, but I wouldn't call you healthy
1483 Books full of dead poets, well forgotten
1484 I am in love with Sarah Palin
1485 Singapore Burning

1486 In the New Yorker
1487 Bakelite
1488 The White Heat of that moment
1489 Honey, money (a fiver, apparently)
1490 Being bad is not the point; doing my best is.

1491 Family, Modernity, Consumerism
1492 A Graphics Issue
1493 Bluebells never ring
1494 In all a quiet affair, but an affair, still
1495 The love that was love yesterday

1496 The red-headed women of Dinas Mawddwy
1497 Sacrament
1498 If I'm not there early, I'll be late
1499 a fact confirmed by a jury of married women
1500 We are here to watch the battle, and later bleach their bones

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