Sunday, March 01, 2015

March prompts 2

Boot Camp Keegan
March "Do"
Prompt Set 2
015-0053 (Mar 01 2015) 
1301 Beech, Birch, Spruce
1302 Hey, Mum, guess what I named after you!
1303 Flashbulbs, Hyenas, waiting sheep.
1304 A few small steps
1305 Pearl Harbour, Iwo Jima,
1306 Blood flows in us as we sleep
1307 How promises should be broken
1308 The check-list for Enola Gay
1309 The doctor is ready for you now
1310 We are made by spirits. In some the spirit stays
1311 We sit at a midnight table, cold
1312 There is some logic in that. Not a lot, but some
1313 What is left to say when love is murdered?
1314 Coiled like a cobra
1315 We are going to the zoo. They have Popes and Bankers there
1316 You can read about it in books
1317 The way darkness swells and slowly shifts
1318 VOMIT
1319 A clean nurse in a starched dress
1320 Grey shorts, pullover, grey socks, blue tie
1321 Then we heard the call again
1322 A sheepskin coat looks best on a sheep
1323 The aeroplane shines until it hits the sea
1324 How to pick a scab
1325 Your mother is waiting on the verandah

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