Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday Prompts at 05:00

You were not there

Where did you come from, down what light?

The smallest cage

Books to the wedding

Faith may be they anchor

Especially when it snows, if it snows

of the sea, to the sea

He lived next door, a child


An honest man here, probably

Toilet paper

I seem them on shelves, window-cills

The dead depart? To where?

LACW Hall. S, can't you see your tattered dress...


I dreamt about Claire, Oh God, and rose at four

Tail-End Charlies

One man, one hundred thousand dead, how cool is that?

Monday, January 19, 2009

Prompts at 4 AM

Begin again when the light rises

Everywhere will be home

Because above all things you wanted me

I have no voice

I'll say it, then. No

There is an empty chair

To be born is to expect pain

There are soft moments, silences, village cricket, insects

We are too sad to be blind

A grey curtain

Death is never a mistake

I am a hungry bear, a scurrying rat


I see a lighthouse, sending out dark

The hospital, the doctor, the squirting flower

Fucking in the shower


My kids are off to Auchswitz

From unmarked box to unmarked box


Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Night Prompts 4 (10:45)

SET 4 (24)

Nevertheless, as yet, they are not much solely on their own account
No sunrise, no glittering cafes
Pack up the moon
People Dying is Sad
People I wanted to be
Picnic Area. Good views of the massacre.
Pose your dead
Postcards From Palestine.
Radio Masturbate
Ripped from below
Say what you experience, what the world is
Search for the reason that bids you do it
I Didn’t Know Crusade Was a Bad Word
Selective photography
She will not stop dying
Silent, Shifting, Coal
Since you have allowed me to advise you
So Jesus, the Thing Is.
So the kids can go to school
Something of your own want comes through
Spreading out its roots in the deepest recesses of your heart
Steady hands
Such pure despair

Friday Prompts 3 2100

SET 3 (23)

I cannot go into the nature of your work

And asbestos-empty lungs

I sat down at breakfast, opposite

I will lose sight of her face

I would like to finalise matters

In the bowels of a Welsh hill

Is it sad enough?

It always comes down to more or less happy misunderstandings

It’s easy, as if you are elastic


Killing Bush

Known as Aber Mountain

Lately made of flesh and blood

Let me say that as of now you have no individual style

Like some first human being

Live without hope, work without despair

Look forward to hearing


Money for the wife at home

More inexpressible than all else is a work of art

My father I see and yet I can’t describe

Mysterious existences endure while we pass.

Never so much absence

Friday Flash Prompts for 19:30

I do not appear to have received a copy

A black bomb of filth Cinders! Behind You!


Compare it to light things, to dark

Delve within for an answer

Dirty Wedding

Do not build me up

Draw near to what is your nature


Drive at thirty for a while

Each death demands its own procedures

Everywhere you go, she will die, and die, and die

Fags and matches

Far Enough from Nagasaki

Far from the sun


For this reason first, we are not together

Go into yourself

Goodbye, My Brother


How laughter knits about us

A black-faced army

A salesman who passed me his bottle

First Prompts Set 1800

SET 1 (23)
I want to thank you for its great and kind confidence.
After months I am still climbing
Afterwards, remember, consider the blemishes
Harry Patch
I can hardly do more.
All critical attention is too far from me
All the time, hope
Things are not always comprehensible and expressible
And a roof
This above all: ask yourself the question when it is dark about you
And all for hard cash
And shoes, satchels, and socks
And you, you ridiculous people, you expect me to help you?
Are they good? You ask me?
At the bottom of Aber Tip
Avoid love
Beach, Ball
Bubbling, Brooding
A bird dives, a fish swallows
Burn the toast, let the porridge stick, smell the gas
By Men With tingling sinews of steel
A realm which no word has ever entered

Flash Blast Tonight (Friday)

Boot Campers and Guests will be "blasting" tonight, writing first-draft flashes from one or more prompts from sets posted at






Those on different clocks can also do this, follow the same schedule (90 minutes to write your story each time) but delayed.

Whether you write 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 flashes, that's more than you WERE going to write,

Come and join us!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

People Die. Let's Get Indignant.

Let me first say that I do not condone or excuse the Israeli operation in Palestine. I do not wish for one innocent person’s death in that conflict.

However, what is happening there is a war. Israel IS being attacked, and most of the Arab countries surrounding it have clearly stated their enmity and refused Israel the right to exist.

I’m posting this, though, because I keep seeing a totally one-sided “debate” about the conflict, a series of “heartfelt” bleatings by 99% safe, closeted, middle-class hypocrites with short memories. This week we are not saving seal pups, we are “bleeding for Palestine.”

If you want to bleed for Palestine, go there and fight alongside Hammas.

Civilian deaths are a fact of war. It is a tragedy that a little over 1000 people have died on the Palestinian side in this recent conflict, but let’s remember, for example, that in minutes 2,800 died in the 9/11 attacks. Remember that. Perhaps all those people were “Part of the US NeoCon War Machine…” but I doubt if many (or any) thought they were such.

But have your statistic and wail about the evil Jews. How many of his kinsmen and women did Saddam Hussein kill in his reign of terror? How many of the dead of Palestine would not have died of malnutrition, poor water or poor health care if the various Palestinian Terrorists (or Freedom Fighters) had made peace with the State of Israel? How many innocents died in Bosnia?

But 80,000 died in the blink of an eye at HIROSHIMA. They were civilians, men women, children. So how about all the bleating Brits and Americans and French and Russians wailing about this conflict try shutting up? YOUR nation also committed mass murder of civilians. They did it again days later and killed another 50,000 at Nagasaki.

But the Japanese are peace-loving victims, right? How about the Rape of Nanking when they killed 300,000 and raped 20,000? Ok, then, maybe we can find some indignant Germans? No wait, there was WWII, The Holocaust, and fifteen MILLION exterminated merely for being Jewish, or Communist or handicapped or gay.

Still at least us stiff-upper-lip Brits know how to play fair. It’s not as if we killed 1.5 MILLION German civilians in WWII. We didn’t invent the fire bomb and the firestorm and kill 25000 in one night in Dresden or 50,000 in 3 nights in Hamburg?
We’re the good guys, remember?

SIXTEEN MILLION Chinese civilians died in WWII, 11,400,000 in the Soviet Union, 4,000,000 in Indonesia, 2,360,000 in Poland, 1.54 Million good Germans, 1.5 million in the Indian Empire, a million in French Indo-China, 580,000 in Japan, 514,000 in Yugoslavia, 267,00 sweet, unassuming French.

War kills. War will always kill. Palestinians and Jews will die. MILLIONS die in Africa EVERY YEAR of starvation, tribally-driven wars and famine. And every time one of these incidents trots its way to the surface, out will trot Poets Against Whatever. Get over yourselves. If you truly, truly care GO AND FUCKING DO SOMETHING. Otherwise all it is, basically, is masturbating in public.


16,200,000 China
11,400,000 Soviet Union
4,000,000 Indonesia
2,360,000 Poland
1,540,000 Nazi Germany
1,500,000 Indian Empire
1,000,000 French Indo China
580,000 Japan
514,000 Yugoslavia
378,000 Korea
300,000 The Rape of Nanking
267,000 France
250,000 Burma
220,000 Greece
212,000 Lithuania
176,000 Holland
147,000 Latvia
145,100 Italy
100,000 Malaya
95,000 Ethiopia
90,000 Phillipines
80,000 Hungary
67,100 UK
64,000 Romania
57,000 Micronesia
55,000 Estonia
55,000 Portugese Timor
50,000 Singapore
50,000 HAMBURG 27-28-29 JULY 1943
49,600 Belgium
43,000 Czechoslovakia
25,000 DRESDEN
5,800 Norway
2,800 "9/11"
2,000 Finland
2,000 Sweden
1,500 MALTA
1,300 Luxembourg

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Salt Publishing now have my new book Ballistics up as a web site


Monday, January 05, 2009


I was sick with a cold and chest infection for the week before Xmas, bu "OK" for Xmas day

But I've been laid low again, same symptoms.

I'm "functioning" just about but this one is a bastard.

I cough so bad I can't sleep.

5th Prompts

Needle to Thread
Wheeling, wheeling, above the forest
No it's just five digits
Now we know nothing of those days
Imagine no colour
A line of old, sad trees
Blind Druids
The way water runs beneath the ground
Some places really look like their postcards
I have it on authority that the trees walk the night
Words bubble up
Under the stairs
For he's a jolly good driver!
Always remember the longer you live, the sooner you're going to die

Saturday, January 03, 2009

3rd Jan Prompts

A cockroach, another cockroach
A romantic movement, a heavy black book
A stubbed toe, a short-lived cuddle
Big George
Blow me away
A passionate temperament
Teddy-bear, Church mouse,
Do you hear me,?
Ever since my retirement
There are fewer of us now.
Flashing lights
From the offices of the company on the 85th floor
Green & White
But I know it is him.
How black is black?
I fell in love with her almost immediately.
It could be flu
The sock factory,
No choice
Living the simple life with Paul and Linda
Lots of people will die.
Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary
O for a muse of fire!
On the edge of Potter's Field
Silver polish
Some 50% some 30%
The canvas slaps, flaps, but holds
Sour Milk
Trolleys clattering, half-heard voices
Two-and-a-half, maybe three
Various tiles, laid in a diamond pattern
We know that

Friday, January 02, 2009

Word-Count Update

January 1st


2,843 Words

Some diary stuff, two flashes, two poems.

I rate one flash and I like the two poems.

This morning. six hundred words before logging on to the web or email and now I have to travel (bugger it!)

Will manage at least one flash today but I need to get some longer pieces together.

READING & Critiquing

January 1st

001 Elizabeth Baines.. Condensed Metaphysics
002 Elizabeth Baines.. The Shooting Script
003 Elizabeth Baines.. Daniel Smith Disappears off the Face of the Earth

004 Anonymous BCer Three Things
005 Anonymous BCer You, Daydream Believer
006 Anonymous BCer New Year
007 Anonymous BCer Shades of Grey
008 Anonymous BCer The Missing
009 Anonymous BCer When I Remember Cathy
010 Anonymous BCer Happiness, Wishing
011 Anonymous BCer POEM To Slit Your Own Throat
012 Anonymous BCer POEM Blenkinsop's Final Parade

Boring Prompts

I am the bastard Simpson Simpson

Happy Birthday, Angela

This is the third time this week


Let me take you through it, step by step

I am covered in mud

Al of our neighbours are jealous


Something VERY bad is going to happen soon

I might go to Edingburgh

MFI are back, they're doing lives, 50% off

It's big, but is it big enough?

All my life I have heard voices. I was fine until I told someone.


Why does "Ox" sound better than "Bull"?

When I was a word I wanted to be a line

After midnight, creeping

On tin trays in the snow

Yellow, late summer grass, crazily downhill

Thursday, January 01, 2009

21:06 More Prompts

We vault over the barrier

He tells her how much he still loves her

We are strictly off the record

Tea & Toast

A penguin, a piano

I wonder how it feels to slit your own throat?

She's wearing red she's wearing green

Even the husbands, even the mothers

Here comes, with a brolly and a briefcase...

Leaving the note that she wished would say more

What could I possibly need?

Rushing in again at the last minute

This is how it will happen

19:35 Another Set of Prompts

Absent fathers stand in parks

This morning, men are returning to the world


I am going to the house of my childhood


My wife has installed speakers for announcements

Another Intimacy

Photographs, but they only last a day

Let us make up your mind

I have a lot of paper

The whip of wind, the sound of wet footprints

Ben Shermans

Beer makes me cry

I would like to be banned for shagging someone

Black Iceberg

We need another Diana Death


Listen to Hell under the rocks


The considerable frictions in oil

As near as damn isn't near enough

Blenkinsop's Final Parade

I might as well. What else is there?

Blast it!

Boot Campers are "blasting" tonight


Just think, if they succeed they'll have 4-5 flashes by the end of the first of the year


I blame it on the backlash


I wanted you. you wanted me


The tinkle of the television

A Question of Balance


Who loves best won't always love longest


We can talk about the chemistry

A gun in the kitchen


This is the female, fattened

The tackle of the mighty, the rumble of the fallen


Wingless, wordless


I have been looking forward to my divorce


OK, I'll go to the shops and get your fucking fags


The earth sweats and grumbles


There was an old woman who