Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Prompts 3 2100

SET 3 (23)

I cannot go into the nature of your work

And asbestos-empty lungs

I sat down at breakfast, opposite

I will lose sight of her face

I would like to finalise matters

In the bowels of a Welsh hill

Is it sad enough?

It always comes down to more or less happy misunderstandings

It’s easy, as if you are elastic


Killing Bush

Known as Aber Mountain

Lately made of flesh and blood

Let me say that as of now you have no individual style

Like some first human being

Live without hope, work without despair

Look forward to hearing


Money for the wife at home

More inexpressible than all else is a work of art

My father I see and yet I can’t describe

Mysterious existences endure while we pass.

Never so much absence

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